Facebook to Sell Targeted Ads in Your News Stream

Facebook will soon have targeted ads in your news stream. Why do I make this baseless claim? Allow me to direct your attention: Facebook has proposed an updated Statement of Rights and Responsibilities that bans sponsored status updates. That indicates two things: Facebook is contemplating commercial messages in the news stream. Facebook doesn’t want the… Continue reading Facebook to Sell Targeted Ads in Your News Stream

Dove Campaign v. Axe

The Dove Campaign strives “to make real change in the way women and young girls perceive and embrace beauty.” The campaign’s most recent viral video, Onslaught, depicts the “beauty” advertising that young girls face while developing their self images. Exhibit A: the ads by Axe. However, Dove and Axe are owned by the same company… Continue reading Dove Campaign v. Axe

Clutter Begone

Blogan.net was looking cluttered so I made a few changes: No more ads. The money I was making (not much) wasn’t worth the visual distraction. They’ll probably come back later, but they’re gone for now. No more Snap Shots preview. Josh Bancroft gave me a week before I tired of them. it took about four.… Continue reading Clutter Begone

Dove Onslaught

Dove released the video “Onslaught” in their Campaign for Real Beauty. Having three daughters, girls’ self image is important an important issue at our home. Although I agree with Dove’s encouraging parents to talk to girls before they are exposed to advertising, “Onslaught” depicts such an overwhelming “beauty” culture that talking could be worthless. I… Continue reading Dove Onslaught

MySpace Without True.com Ads

I have a MySpace account. As my tagline says, I’m “increasing the average age on MySpace.” I don’t have a lot of MySpace friends, but it’s one more way to watch my kids online. Yeah, I know, they could be sending messages that I would never see… I’ve always hated the True.com dating service ads.… Continue reading MySpace Without True.com Ads

On PayPerPost

My brother is a PayPerPost blogger. I looked at it but couldn’t join because I have blogging gaps longer than PPP allows. Photo Matt writes and his commenters continue on the ethics and economics of blog advertising.