Red moon over Sacramento

A flight from Mather to Hillsboro took off much too early this morning. Sitting on the left side,1Not being Polish, I also can sit on the right without instability, as apparently could all the passengers on this flight. my tired eyes were spared a bright sunrise, but not the sinking moon.

Ducking back into the clouds

Thanks to an early morning flight, I watched the sunrise over the clouds from a 37,000-foot vantage point. I love it when the plane briefly skips along the tops of the clouds on the way back down.

Pre-dawn horizon

The horizon always looks cleaner, smoother from the air. And it’s just a little more fun when it’s the tops of the clouds making the horizon.

Another View From 4A

The Intel Developer Forum was over; it was time to head home.

San Francisco was covered in clouds, but the Golden Gate was clearly visible. For a brief distance, an ice crystal halo with sun dogs made its appearance. Because of turbulence, we flew much of the way at 20,000 feet, lower than normal for the Dash-8.

We descended into Portland at dusk, landing on runway 3.

It’s nice to be home.