A View From 12E

Today, Melissa and I flew from Portland to Sacramento. She was returning to college after Thanksgiving break; I was headed to Folsom for work.

Because we didn’t make our reservations together, our seats weren’t either. The counter agent wasn’t able to locate adjacent seats, only near each other. Upon boarding, I sat by Melissa and watched for a confused look from another passenger. The person whose seat I occupied sat across the aisle from me minus the telltale befuddlement; it was the next displaced passenger who arrived with perplexity. Ha! She offered to sit in my assigned seat and all was well. Well, almost. Melissa and I then swapped seats so I could snap pictures while she drowsed against my shoulder.

I trust your return to “normal life” after Thanksgiving break also included the requisite discombobulation.

Update. On a later flight, I was able to identify the “unknown peak” as the eastern flank of Mt. Thielsen.