Comment Policy

Unlike many of the cool kids running blogs today, I still have comments turned on. These are the rules I use.

The basics. I like on-topic, intelligent comments. I hate spam. For those who don’t like to read, my rules can largely be summarized with Fidonet’s rules:

  • Don’t be excessively annoying.
  • Don’t be easily annoyed.

Be courteous. My blog is like a party at my house. Consider yourself a drop-in guest. Commenting is like talking at my party. If you wouldn’t say something in person at my party, you probably shouldn’t put it in a comment. Don’t be rude. Keep your comments polite and on topic. Don’t YELL. Don’t call names or insult anyone. Try not to curse. Keep it legal. Don’t spam me.

Spam. I automatically filter spam.

If your author link is to a business, I’ll probably delete your comment. If the name you leave is a business name instead of a person’s name, I’ll probably delete your comment. Be a person at my party, not a company.

Editing. I reserve the right to edit your comment. I might edit it purely for formal reasons, e.g., italicizing book titles. I might correct your spelling and remove or add spaces as necessary. I might add useful links to your text. If your comment includes something that extends into the margins (e.g., code, long URL), I will likely edit your comment’s formatting. If you don’t like the editing, let me know. I just might put it back the way you wrote it.

Profanity. If you use profanity, I’ll either cnsr the word or delete your comment. Unless you swear artfully, and no, that’s not a challenge.

Quotes. If your comment quotes too much, I may edit the amount quoted. I’d prefer that you provide a link if the material is lengthy.

Spelling and grammar. If your comment is a complete mess, I’ll probably delete it.

Fair play. I won’t delete your comment just because you disagree with me, argue powerfully, and make me look stupid. If you stay on topic and use clean language, your comment will likely remain. If you don’t like the way your comment looks, let me know and I’ll probably delete it (maybe even edit it) for you. If you find an offensive comment here, please recognize I didn’t write it (unless I did) and might not agree with it.