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  • Sunset on the Tarmac

    Sunset on the Tarmac

    My flight home tonight left as the sun was setting. Unfortunately, I sat on the wrong side to photograph the colors. I snapped this shot before planing.1Planing would be the opposite of deplaning, right? ;-)

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      Planing would be the opposite of deplaning, right? ;-)
  • Fourth View From 3E

    Fourth View From 3E

    Another day, another trip to Sacramento, and a fourth time sitting in 3E with my camera.

    Diamond Peak has much less snow than on July 20.

  • Another View From 4A

    Another View From 4A

    The Intel Developer Forum was over; it was time to head home.

    San Francisco was covered in clouds, but the Golden Gate was clearly visible. For a brief distance, an ice crystal halo with sun dogs made its appearance. Because of turbulence, we flew much of the way at 20,000 feet, lower than normal for the Dash-8.

    We descended into Portland at dusk, landing on runway 3.

    It’s nice to be home.

  • Road Trip: Fair Oaks, CA to Dixie, WA

    Road Trip: Fair Oaks, CA to Dixie, WA

    Yesterday, we made an unplanned road trip to Dixie, Wash. to visit family.

    Although the trip was supposed to take nearly fourteen hours, we made a few stops along the way. There were random vista points, a photo op with a sign in front of Taco Bell in Weed, CA, a couple of work zones on Highway 97, and a fun restroom stop in Dorris, CA where we discovered what, when erected, was the largest flagpole in the United States. We also stopped at Sunriver (where we recently vacationed) to enjoy milkshakes from Goody’s and pizza from Blondie’s. Mmm… :-)

    Fifteen hours later, we de-carred. Even though the scenery was beautiful, I wouldn’t want to make that drive every day.

    At one vista point on Highway 97, I met an older gentleman riding a bike to Chico on his way to Southern California. From there, he was headed the southern route to Kentucky. Last year, he’d biked 3,000 miles. This year, he’s already biked 2,000.

  • Mt. Shasta Vista Point

    Mt. Shasta Vista Point

    On our “quick” drive from Hillsboro to Fair Oaks, we stopped at Mt. Shasta Vista Point, a first for me.

  • A View From 4A

    A View From 4A

    An early morning flight from HIO to MHR for a day in FM7. I sat in seat 4A and took a few pictures at the beginning of the flight.

    Update: On the flight home, I sat in an aisle seat, so no pictures. :-(

  • A View From 6A

    A View From 6A

    I printed my boarding pass this evening and confirmed my seat: 6B. Drat! An aisle seat. I boarded, sat down, and waited for Mr. 6A to appear. He came down the aisle and stopped. “I’m sorry,” gesturing across my knees. I asked if he cared about which seat was his. “No.” I scooted left and gazed out my window. Win!

    Mr. 6A (now Mr. 6B) was an affable man. We chatted from boarding to deplaning,1Boss. Deplane. Deplane. being “those guys.” You know who I mean. You’re tired, at the end of a long day, getting on a plane hoping to rest. Then a couple of guys near you babble the whole flight. Tonight, that was me. Sorry…

    We rode on the left side going north in the evening. Thus the sun beamed in our windows. Although the plane looked new and the windows quite scratch-free and clean, the air was hazy and my light shirt reflected in the windows.2One of these days I’ll remember to wear a dark shirt when traveling. It should cut down the reflections in the window. Either that or make a black velvet shroud that drapes over the camera and below to block the reflections. Not a recipe for good pictures. At least, until we got to Oregon and some clouds.

    We landed on PDX’s North-South runway, a first for me. Our approach took us directly over downtown Portland and then diving down to the right to land. Interesting, to say the least.

    Of course, I took too many pictures of clouds. Here are just a few of them. :-)

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      One of these days I’ll remember to wear a dark shirt when traveling. It should cut down the reflections in the window. Either that or make a black velvet shroud that drapes over the camera and below to block the reflections.
  • My Rental Car: A Nissan Cube

    My Rental Car: A Nissan Cube

    A brand new Nissan Cube greeted me as I stepped off the shuttle bus. I’ll return it later today with less than 300 miles on the odometer.

    These little cars, with their wheels pushed out to the corners, are a kick to drive. Even with my height, the headroom is incredible and I can see under the rear-view mirror. I hate when the mirror is so low that I can’t see cross traffic at an intersection.

    I like the driver’s cup holder to the left of the steering wheel; I can easily put my white mocha in the cupholder before I get in the car.

    This car is worthy of a shot in front of the “bed and breakfast.”

    Though it’s no 350Z. ;-)

  • Yet Another View From 3E

    Yet Another View From 3E

    It is time to visit my team in Folsom and thus time to post more pictures from the flight from PDX to SMF. Once again, I got seat 3E. It’s a good seat; I like it. :-)

    Although the Bombardier Dash 8 is a slower plane it also flies lower than the jets Horizon used to fly on this route. The views it offers are much better than those from 37,000 feet.

    My rental car is a Nissan Cube. It’s fun to drive, though a lot cooler than I am. I had to untuck my shirt and crank Jack FM to fit in.

    I apologize if the pictures look overly processed. The window was dirty and scratched and the air was hazy.

  • Road to Home

    Road to Home

    Today we drove from Grandpa’s and Grandma’s house to home. We stopped at my favorite rest stop just north of Yreka for a short picnic before continuing on.

    Time for a sky shot. :-)



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