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  • Places To Go

    Places To Go

  • A View From 17A

    A View From 17A

    I reserved a window seat on the left side to get a different view on my morning flight from Portland to Sacramento. Then I forgot to wear my black coat. Oops! I got lots of glare and reflections.

  • 17A Awaits

    Looking forward to the view from 17A. I typically fly on the right side of the plane. This will give me a different view. :-)

  • A View From 17E

    A View From 17E

    I’m looking forward to when 7:30 pm is still light out.

  • A View From 16E

    A View From 16E

    Another trip to Folsom for work. Having a window seat, I spent most of my time watching the ground fly by.

  • Another View From 4E

    Another View From 4E

    Another trip, another window seat, again in 4E. Diamond Peak is covered in snow, as is Summit Lake. Mount Shasta “moved me.” ;-) The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area reflects the late morning sun. Terminal B’s link to the parking lot also caught my attention.

  • Headed Home: Planes, Trains, and Buses

    Headed Home: Planes, Trains, and Buses

    My trip home from Folsom was, shall we say, “eventful.” Leaving the Folsom site shortly after 5 pm, traffic through downtown Sacramento was light, dropping off the rental car was easy, and TSA was quick and professional. I boarded the plane and settled in to read my new book, . Then, somehow, something changed… The…

  • Sitting in the SMF terminal, waiting…

    Sitting in the SMF terminal, waiting for Horizon to fix the chimes on their plane. #delay

  • Photos From November 2

    Photos From November 2

    Going out to my car this morning, I glanced up. Orion hung in the sky, directly south. I love this time of year! Traffic was light. I parked in PDX’s blue lot and waited for the shuttle bus. The weather was freezing My point and shoot was in my shirt pocket, so I pulled it…