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  • Brizzly


    Brizzly — a social media site that watches out for your permanent record. Check it out!

  • Permanent Record

    Thanks to the internet, everything's going on my permanent record. — Brent Logan (@blogan) October 10, 2018 Update. I added the following as a comment, but am pulling it up for those that might not see it otherwise: Want to freak yourself out? I'm gonna show just how much of your information the likes of […]

  • What did we learn new about Facebook?

    I’m feeling a little stupid right now. Maybe a little history is in order. We’ve known since 2014, back when Five Labs used our Facebook posts to analyze personality, that when we shared our data with an app on Facebook, the app’s publisher gets our friends’ data, too. It should have been obvious more than […]

  • The internet pledge

    Some years back, I made some social media New Year’s resolutions. I still think it’s a good list. Alexandra Franzen drafted an internet pledge with some useful additions over my resolutions. Will you join me in taking this pledge? THE INTERNET PLEDGE Both offline and online, I will treat people as if they’re my daughter, […]

  • My Facebook experiment, an update

    My Facebook experiment, an update

    More than two years ago, I started an experiment with Facebook: I hide the sources I don’t want to see anymore. I started with the Buzzfeed quizzes, then moved on to the radio stations and their silly news stories. I hid the parody sites, the viral meme sites, the sports teams’ sites. But I kept […]

  • Luis Suarez’ Twitter Unfollowing Experiment

    “What if Twitter decided to drop off the count of both followers and following? Would you still make use of it, like you are doing today? Imagine if Twitter decided get rid of that vanity metric, so that we would focus more on the conversations themselves, i.e. on topics, hashtags, events, etc., etc., do you […]

  • Ello there

    Ello there

    I’m now on Ello. You can find me there: Drop by and say ‘ello.

  • My Facebook Experiment

    I love my friends on Facebook. I love your status updates. I love the pictures you take. The more, the better. When you post to Instagram and share it on Facebook too, that’s really cool. If you write a clever tweet, I want to see it. If you write a blog post and share a […]

  • Retweeted By The Instapundit

    Retweeted By The Instapundit

    Ha! Retweeted by the Instapundit. My Twitter life is now complete.