Science Hubble Deep Field Video

When I returned one of my daughters to school this morning, the school secretary told me her family has to remind her to “think globally.” Something about not getting too concerned about “little things,” about keeping everything in the proper perspective. This video can help.

Troubles viewing video? Watch it at YouTube. Or better yet, go directly to the source: Tony Darnell has other interesting articles on astronomy (go figure!).

Experiments Science

The motor in action

Here is a short video showing how to assemble and run the motor that Jamison and I made.

Links to instructions on building the motor are here.

Experiments Science

Success — The Electric Motor Works

As threatened earlier, Jamison and I built an electric motor. We used these plans with great success. Our first attempt electric motor failed because we didn’t have heavy enough magnet wire — 21 gauge works!

Now to try one without a permanent magnet

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Science Toys

Looks like Jamison and I will be building an electric motor for a science project.


The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online

Charles Darwin has had a large impact of man’s understanding of his place in the universe. Some use Darwin’s theories to reject God, some reject his theories to maintain their belief in God, and others walk the tightrope in between — believing in “limited evolution” yet believing in God. Regardless of where you fit, Darwin has changed your world. Now you can read his works online.

The site offers a split screen view, with the text on the left for ease of reading and searching with the book and a scan of the book’s page on the right. An advanced site-wide search is also available.

I used the site just this morning to check the context of a quote from On the Origin of Species I heard last weekend at church.