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  • CBS’ Wallace Asks Romney: Premarital Sex?

    Oh, how I long for those simple days of yesteryear when the media asked presidential candidates classy questions like “boxers or briefs?” Somehow CBS’ Mike Wallace thought it acceptable to ask Mitt Romney whether he’d had premarital sex. Disgraceful! Hat tip: AllahPundit at Hot Air.

  • Barack Obama Not Friendly on MySpace

    Barack Obama steps in it when he stomps on a fan’s MySpace. Maybe he’s not so wired, after all. Well, he’s getting some buzz now. ;-)

  • Democrat Candidates More Wired?

    I added networking links for the declared presidential candidates on my Election 2008 page. The Democrats have more networking links than the Republicans, averaging 3.0 links per Democrat compared with 1.7 links per Republican. I only counted links to Facebook, Flickr, Meetup, MySpace, and YouTube. A couple of the Democrats also had PartyBuilder; I didn’t […]

  • Meet Your Neighbor

    What would happen if you asked Americans basic questions about the world? It’s scary to think these people vote. Actually, they probably don’t, if that’s any small comfort… Small confession, when asked to name a country that begins with “U,” the first two that popped into mind were Uganda and Uruguay (but not Yugoslavia). Thanks, […]

  • is a place for students to post their work product from assignments and to see others’ work product. In other words, need a term paper? AssignMine just might have one for you. However, from AssignMine’s usage Guidelines: Plagiarism is not condoned at We created to be a resource like books, reports, past […]

  • God Bless the Whole World — No Exceptions

    I saw a bumper sticker saying “God Bless the Whole World — No Exceptions” this morning on the way to work. Ignoring context, it seems like a nice message. After all, similar to the beauty pageant contestant’s wish for “world peace,” wishing for God’s blessing on the world would seem admirable. However, we live in […]

  • News flash: Pentagon makes plans!

    Feb 24, 2007 — NEW YORK (Reuters) – Despite the Bush administration’s insistence it has no plans to go to war with Iran, a Pentagon panel has been created to plan a bombing attack that could be implemented within 24 hours of getting the go-ahead from President George W. Bush, The New Yorker magazine reported […]

  • Makeup equals airbrushing?

    The “Dove Evolution video” is making its rounds through the blogosphere. The video shows a woman before and after makeup and getting some amazing hair work, and then before and after digital photo manipulation including puffing up her lips, lengthening and slimming her neck, and moving and enlarging her eyes. It brings to mind the […]

  • Intentional provocation or fishing expedition?

    On Saturday, South Korean soldiers fired 40 warning shots at a group of five North Korean soldiers who crossed the centre line of the shared Demilitarized Zone. It is unclear if North Korea sent the group as an intentional provocation or if they were going fishing at a nearby stream, an anonymous South Korean official […]