Get Excited and Make Things

Someone at work loves the “Stay Calm and Carry On” posters. There are a few posted around. Because I could, I posted “Freak Out and Throw Stuff” parody posters in my cube.

Today, I discovered a much better poster by Matt Jones: “Get Excited and Make Things.”

Printed and posted.

Image credit: “Get Excited and Make Things” by Matt Jones. Used under a Creative Commons license.

Making an Empty Inbox

For eight straight weeks, my inbox was empty. At least, it might as well have been; I wasn’t checking it. I was on sabbatical.

Having been back from sabbatical a few weeks, I’m watching my inbox get clogged with those difficult to answer e-mails, those large tasks, and just some plain junk.

Inbox Zero is a method of handling an inbox so that it never gets very full, in fact, it can be empty.

43 Folders has a series of posts on the concept.