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  • Nevertheless, she persisted

    Dear family, I would like this on my tombstone: "She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted." — Bethany (@buffyro) February 9, 2017 High praise, indeed. :-)

  • I am an immigrant

    I am an immigrant

    My tagline is now a single word: immigrant. I am saddened this is now a political statement, but there it is. Maybe you think I’m a “good” immigrant because of the color of my skin or my religion or the nationality or citizenship of my parents when I was born. Or maybe it’s the country […]

  • Freedom!


    I have to imagine a huge sense of freedom comes with no longer being president. Yes, this is the third time I’ve used this image. It still makes me smile. :-) Godspeed, President Obama!

  • Can we all get along?

    Can we all get along?

    With apologies to Rodney King, can we all just get along?

  • How to survive Thanksgiving

    How to survive Thanksgiving

    I’m studying these suggestions for surviving Thanksgiving from Sally Kohn so I can respond appropriately tomorrow. May you have a blessed, maybe apolitical, Thanksgiving! Update. It’s good to have a buddy system. Friends don’t let friends feel attacked. Have an exit strategy. Forgive everyone you possibly can.

  • Random thoughts on the election

    Random thoughts on the election

    Yesterday I said I just wanted the election to be over. That was a lie. I wanted a certain result, a different result. I just couldn’t imagine this result. To help myself process, I jotted down a few random thoughts. The pollsters missed on Brexit and now this election. Are we in a post-poll world? […]

  • It’s time to vote!

    It’s time to vote!

    It’s election day eve—most will vote tomorrow. Many of you have already voted. That’s great! I voted a few weeks ago. If you have already know who you’re voting for, you can stop reading right now. I don’t have anything for you other than encouraging you to go vote. If you’re still undecided after months […]

  • I voted!

    I voted!

    Yesterday I checked the mail to find our ballots. Woo hoo! I love Oregon’s 100% vote-by-mail system. I didn’t expect to. Before Oregon changed its system some years back, going to the polls was a near-religious experience for me, fulfilling my civic duty and all. Then, the first time I tried voting by mail I […]

  • Straw

    The straw that breaks a camel’s back is significant only to the camel.