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  • My favorite photos of 2020

    My favorite photos of 2020

    Every year, I choose my favorite photos from the year and combine them into a single post. This is my 2020 edition. Like last year, I didn’t post enough pictures on Instagram to have a top nine. My criterion is pretty simple: is this something I’d print and enjoy on my wall? Which begs the […]

  • Wingspan Center

    Wingspan Center

    Headed home in the morning, I stopped by the new Wingspan Event and Conference Center.

  • My favorite photos of 2019

    My favorite photos of 2019

    Every year, I post my favorite photos. Some years, I’ve been able to cut it down to my top ten, but not this year. For that matter, I couldn’t limit myself to fewer than eleven photos from Cannon Beach… :-D Many years, I’ve also posted my top nine from Instagram, but again, not this year, […]

  • Weekend at my happy place with my favorite people

    Weekend at my happy place with my favorite people

    This last weekend, our whole family spent the weekend at Cannon Beach. Thanks, Heather! This is worth making a family tradition. Saturday night, we wandered a little through town.

  • Jamison’s first day of school 2019

    Jamison’s first day of school 2019

    Jamison starts school again today. No longer do I get to be there to take the picture so I texted Jamison, asking if he’d take a selfie for me. This picture was the result. Above and beyond! :-)

  • Visiting Ecola State Park

    Visiting Ecola State Park

    Another weekend and the last before Jamison heads off to college. What to do? What to do? Ride bikes around Hillsboro? Longboard Mount Tabor or the Banks-Vernonia trail? Visit Cannon Beach? We loaded our longboards in Jamison’s car and headed west. By the time we got to Cannon Beach, we’d decided to visit Ecola State […]

  • Cannon Beach Sunset

    Cannon Beach Sunset

    “Mom’s going to be home from work soon. Wanna go to the beach?” Oh, that ranks right up there on my list of favorite questions. :-) Doing the math, an hour fifteen there, we would have about 15 minutes at the beach before sunset, stay at the beach a while longer, then an hour fifteen […]

  • Looking Up at Swan Island

    Looking Up at Swan Island

    Waiting for my Lyft, I looked up.

  • #allhoppedup Fourth Fireworks

    #allhoppedup Fourth Fireworks

    A few years ago, Suzi and I went to the Hillsboro Hops game on the Fourth of July and watched the fireworks afterward. This year, we decided to do the same thing, but with even more family. We were a little farther from the baseball action this year, actually beyond the outfield instead of along […]