Gilly update

Turns out, I’ve posted a few pictures of Gilly on Instagram that I didn’t post here. This post corrects that. :-)

Gilly loves to hang out with us. She’ll lie under our chairs or by (or on) our feet. And to head off a question from before, no, Gilly doesn’t spend all her time lying still; it’s just the easiest time to take pictures of her.

In training…

Training is going well. I wonder what Gilly will teach me next. ;-)

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Potty break

I let Gilly out for her evening potty and this is what she did instead (or at least before). I guess if I can sit on the porch and wait, so can she. :-)

Too cute!

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Little Buddy!

We have a new granddog! She’s such a sweetie. :-)

These are just a few of the pictures I’ve taken over the past few days. Brace yourselves! I’m sure there are many more to come…