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  • Royalty Rate Could End Webcasting

    The Copyright Royalty Board announced internet royalty rates that could end music streaming. I hope not. I like Pandora.

  • Play that funky music…

    It’s now officially weekend. Happy weekend, everyone!

  • — Thinking Outside the Box

    If you’re older than 30 (maybe 19), music radio sucks. You have a few choices: Listen to the new “music.” Good luck finding a radio station with a playlist larger than 10 songs, or that plays music. (Is my age showing?…) Listen to a “classic rock” station. This isn’t without its pitfalls, though. How many […]

  • Not So Lonely

    WARNING: Purchasing the Los Lonely Boys CD can be hazardous to your health. It was to mine. I experienced pain similar to when I’d broken my foot. My left shoe felt too small. My foot felt heavy and weak. As I drove along, with my car stereo blasting my new purchase at an appropriate singing […]

  • Has Been — NOT!

    Earlier this week, I was at Borders buying a couple of gift certificates for people at work. Whenever I’m there, I have to check out the CDs that they have in the players to see if there’s anything I like. There in the middle of one of the groups of five CDs was William Shatner’s […]