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Category: longboarding

  • A cherished shoe

    A cherished shoe

    Many miles on these shoes; it’s still too early to replace ’em. o/-<|:

  • Skate Route

    Skate Route

    In case you needed another reason to love Portland… o/-<|:

  • I PR’d Mt. Tabor

    I PR’d Mt. Tabor

    I have had trouble longboarding faster than 30 mph, last year’s braggy post notwithstanding. I had hoped that a new board with some awesome wheels would get me over the hump … but it was not to be. Then I noticed something new on Longboard SpeedMeter — a mark indicating where a run’s maximum speed…

  • Good weather means Mt. Tabor longboarding

    Portland’s weather yesterday was incredible — it hit 73! But that’s not where the story starts. Last Friday, I get a Slack message from coworker Caleb: Hey, we should go longboarding next week sometime. It?s supposed to be pretty warm the last half of the week. What days were best to ride longboards at Mt…

  • Longboarding 101 by Robin McGuirk

    Last summer, Jamison and I took Longboarding 101 from Robin McGuirk. What a blast! Prior to the class, I’d tried going downhill on my longboard only a couple of times. I definitely needed a class. :-) By the end of the summer, Jamison and I were bombing Mt. Tabor. Thanks, Robin! Robin just released a…

  • Spittin’ wheels

    Spittin’ wheels

    This morning, I was inspired to take a push during lunch. Almost to Starbucks, the sky started spitting. The rain wasn’t supposed to start until after 4, so I figured it wouldn’t get worse. Faulty logic I know, but I stopped anyway. One of my favorite baristas who used to work at my favorite Starbucks…

  • o/-


    While looking for a longboarding emoji, I found this: a longboarding “emoticon.” o/-<|: Nice! :-) Update. I modified this graphic so that up was on the left like my normal emoticons so I wouldn’t again hear, “Wait, is it a guy in an office chair lifting his longboard up to his eyes?” Haha! Ooh, colorized!…

  • Afternoon Push

    Afternoon Push

    Late this afternoon, Jamison walked in my office, “Dad. How flexible is your work schedule?” Flexible enough, son. Flexible enough. ;-)

  • Skateboarding goals

    All I need is the beard. ;-)~