Hello! Can you hear me?

I have a feeling tomorrow’s standup is going to have some technical difficulties. Or maybe, just difficulties. :-D This last one could work!


3 years

I have no words.



Virtual Starbucks buddies

My Starbucks buddies and I are now doing regular Zoom sessions with our homemade coffee in hand. It’s not the same as sitting on the couch in our regular spots, sipping our favorite drinks, but it’ll do.

Tomorrow, we’ll all have our video cameras working. And I think there may be a couple more regulars to invite.

Stay well!

Update: All our cameras going!


Hearts, Part IX

When I got up this morning, Melissa had already taken care of me. <3


Heroes among us

Found this on Twitter:

I couldn’t say it better. I’m proud of my heroes.1…and sometimes, worried af. :-/

Stay well!


Self-isolation, day 5

Today started cold and frosty. During Gilligan’s constitutional, we paused to appreciate the crunching grass. Because of self-isolation, I skipped Starbucks and headed into the spare bedroom to work. By noon, the weather had warmed up1It got over 60! so a solo walk through the neighborhood seemed like a good idea. Thanks to COVID-19, work had scheduled a virtual company picnic for today, so I pulled out my phone, logged into Zoom, and brought them along with me.

I’ve been working from home since late November or early December. For most of our clients, this was their first week of trying it. The following bingo card would have been fun in our conference calls.

You can make your own conference call bingo cards or remix it on Glitch.

Stay well!


I’m now using MailPoet

You might notice this email looks a little different. That’s because I’m now using MailPoet to email my subscribers. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with MailChimp, which I was using.1and have (temporarily?) deactivated MailPoet is just so easy to use in WordPress.

As before, you have the ability to easily unsubscribe with a click (though I hope you don’t). And there continues to be a subscription form for new subscribers.

If you have any issues, please let me know. I have contact information on my site.

Thanks for being a subscriber.

Stay well!

Update: MailPoet seems to be working well. In addition to sending out new post notifications, I’m also able to use it to send out transactional emails. It’s a great simplification for me.


November is coming

Take steps now to be a voter this November.


COVID-19 Resources

I’ve accumulated a set of resources on the SARS-COV-2 virus and COVID-19, the disease it causes.

Note: As this list will continue to grow as I find more resources, I’m pinning it to the top.

Dealing with the crisis

PSA Safe Grocery Shopping in COVID-19 Pandemic – UPDATED!!!

Official Sources


Genomic analyses




Social media

Wash your hands!

Wash your hands, cover your cough, get your sleep, drink lots of water, stay home if you’re symptomatic, and carry a chainsaw.

Photo credit. Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. 3D print of a SARS-CoV-2—also known as 2019-nCoV, the virus that causes COVID-19—virus particle. The virus surface (blue) is covered with spike proteins (red) that enable the virus to enter and infect human cells. For more information, visit the NIH 3D Print Exchange at Credit: NIH.


Fifteen year blogiversary

Fifteen years ago, I wrote my first post here. Now, my archives page says there are 2,565 posts. That doesn’t count the many obnoxious posts I decided didn’t represent well. There are probably more that could be deleted. Yup.

Most of the posts here still make me happy. It’s common for me to have a conversation with someone and be tempted to pull out my phone and search for a relevant post.

Over the years, this blog has watched a lot of changes.


This site has always been self-hosted WordPress. I started in the earlier days of WordPress, with version 1.2.1. Now WordPress and I are on version 5.3.2. I flirted with Blogger, but it wasn’t serious.

I started with shared hosting, then went with a dedicated WordPress hosting provider. Now I’m using a Digital Ocean virtual private server with free Cloudflare CDN and JetPack image processing/serving. It’s amazing what $5 per month can get you these days.

When I started, I wanted anonymity, using as the domain. Sometime later, I removed the mask and transitioned to This is me.

Fellow Travelers

Those I started blogging with don’t anymore. Those I convinced to start blogging also don’t. Their sites might still be up, but they haven’t posted in years. To me, that’s sad. For them, probably not. They’re now on Facebook or Instagram, probably both. It works for them.

Popular Posts

I added some locally-hosted visitor analytics a while back.1It doesn’t track you and send your information to a third party. It allows me to see what are currently my most popular posts.

Yeah, I wrote only two or three of these this year, depending on how you count. A couple more are quotes from other people. It’s how the web works.

Series and Themes

Over the years, I’ve settled into a few themes. Here are links to some of them.

One of these days, I might settle down to a single topic. Until then, this will continue to be a place for me to experiment, learning web technologies, and have fun sharing what’s important to me at the moment.

And a place for visitors to learn a little more about me.