Homeschooling Adventures

My wife and I are homeschooling our 7-year-old son, Jamison. Okay, my wife is homeschooling him. I get to come along on field trips to OMSI and the zoo. Jamison loves math and computers, but isn’t too fond of writing. He’ll do his math in his head to avoid having to write the answers down.

Today he learned a new trick. He scanned his workbook page into the computer, loaded Microsoft Publisher, and typed in the answers on the scanned image. It looks perfect, but sure didn’t do anything to help his handwriting. Maybe one of these days, writing will be a lost art.

While I typed this, Jamison put a deflated balloon into a pop bottle, blew some air in it, and is now attempting to yank the semi-inflated balloon out of the bottle. What will he think of next?!

Three Teenagers

My youngest daughter turned thirteen today. Here she is, her face illuminated by thirteen candles.

I now have three teenage daughters and one younger son to keep them in line. (I feel like I should also mention my growing gun collection.) I’m one proud dad. :-)

Happy birthday, kiddo! I love you!

Merry Christmas

The day is nearly a over, and what a day it has been. My alarm went off at 6:00 a.m., reminding me that stockings still needed to be hung with care over the fireplace. Grabbing all four, I headed downstairs and carefully stepped over my four offspring sleeping (closer to truth: faking sleep) in front of the Christmas tree. I learned with the first stocking that the mantel hangers were not heavy enough to suspend a stocking without falling to the hearth. Not wanting to be caught, I propped the overstuffed stockings on a padded chair by the tree and headed back upstairs for another half hour of needed sleep. Already, the sounds of happy discovery were floating up the stairs. After stockings, each opened one present: books to read in the afternoon.

We made ready and left for early church. As we neared our destination, we recognized a familiar blue, 15-passenger van parked on the edge of the road with steam billowing out from under its hood. Another friend had pulled in behind to offer help. We offered transportation and learned that ten people can fit in a Honda Odyssey, if only for a short distance.

Church was uneventful, which was good because Ashley was the pianist. As scheduled, I attempted to teach the early-teen class, and succeeded for most of the hour. With about 15 minutes to go, it was clear I had lost their interest, so we ended by singing Christmas carols. Maybe not the best way to end when the topic is proper stewardship of time, but then again, maybe it was…

Our supply of Russian tea cakes, fudge, and rice crispy treats is dwindling. The puzzle started last night is completed, along with another started and finished this afternoon. We watched the old, black-and-white version of Miracle of 34th Street, judging it to be better than the more recent, colorful version.

Suzi had to work evening shift so we went in to have supper with her. Nothing looked particularly good (plus, as we had been eating Russian tea cakes, fudge, and rice crispy treats all afternoon, we weren’t that hungry), so we had pumpkin pie with whipped cream and called it good.

Christmas will take three days this year, with the few presents Christmas eve, the stockings and present on Christmas day, and the rest to be opened tomorrow when Suzi will be home.

Christmas is a good time of year. Even with the commercialization, we can remember Jesus’ birth as the true reason to celebrate. Our gifts to each other are symbols of the gift Jesus gave to us. I hope the true Spirit of Christmas is in your heart.

Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve!

Everyone is home and the Christmas music is playing. Suzi and I finished the last of our shopping this afternoon and most of the day’s purchases are already wrapped and under the tree. The rest are arrayed on our bed, surrounded by boxes and wrapping paper.

Suzi and the girls made goodies this afternoon. Jamison makes sure the candles are always burning. We have more fudge, Russian tea cakes, and rice crispy treats than we should attempt to eat (but we will).

Suzi’s parents are coming over for supper and a quiet evening. The food is simmering on the stove and the house smells nice. We have a 500-piece puzzle picked out.

All of us will open one present tonight and then the kids will sleep under the tree.

I love Christmas!