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  • Out of Context Endorsements

    At the risk of alienating my commenters, I perused my comment database for phrases that sound like endorsements (but aren’t) — the more out of context, the better.

    • “I love this guy!” –”Gary Walter
    • “Wow, what a treat!” –”Jmartens
    • “It’s musical, it’s funny, it wears well, and it really hits a raw spot.” –”Roy Gardner
    • “Best joke in the book!” –”Alan in Belfast

    For now, these are also in the sidebar. Enjoy!

  • I’m trying out the P2 WordPress theme

    I’m trying out the WordPress theme P2. I really like it. What’s interesting is that it doesn’t show post titles. Disconcerting, at least when the humor of the previous three posts depending on their titles being shown… Oops!

  • Giving Credit Where Credit’s Due

    Mike Davidson describes his design signature in a recent post. I realized then how much I like his link styling.

    • Bold font weight
    • Dotted underline that becomes solid when hovered over
    • Gray text for visited links

    Mike, I hope you consider this flattery instead of theft.

  • Subscribe to

    You can subscribe to the following feeds for

    When reading individual posts (click on a post’s title to view an individual post), you will be given the option to subscribe to that post’s feed. Look for and click on the orange RSS feed icon to subscribe.

  • New Colors on the Way

    Cool Metal theme I’m experimenting with new colors; please excuse the mess in the transition…

    Update: It’s good enough to quit and go to bed. I had a couple of inspirations in the process:

    • The coolmetalZOT color scheme at Color Schemer inspired the color selection; and
    • The Cleaker 2.1 WordPress Theme at pomomusings inspired other design elements (hard border on the content pane, faded page background image, content background image and menu bar background image treatments).

    Thanks to both!

  • Orange and Maroon

    Orange and Maroon at has gone “Orange and Maroon” for a short time to show support for the victims at Virginia Tech.

  • nearly back to normal

    I have looking pretty much the way I want it to. I have the recent posts and recent comments showing on the sidebar again. They no longer have a portion of the post or quote showing anymore. I think I liked it the old way better, but am not sure how to get it to look that way with the updated plugins.

    I have the counters working again. Once again, I’ll be able to count the few of you who visit my site.

    Unfortunely for those of you who have been coming to my site to see a working demonstration of random header pictures, I got bored with it and removed the feature. Maybe I’ll add it back later.

    I also changed the appearance of the site, using the fOrange site as documented at the very bottom of the page. It was time for a change. I might change it again real soon. Adding the recent comments and posts and the counters is quite easy.

    I like the new WordPress 2.0 administration screens. It looks as easy to use as blogspot with WYSIWYG editing, but with a lot more capabilities.

    Whether this will translate into increased posting is unknown.

  • blogan’s 1/2 Birthday

    Blog stats — Six months ago, I published my first blog post. Since then, I’ve published 189 more posts and blogan has more than 225 comments. blogan’s daily traffic has increased from just me to somewhere between 20-30 visitors. Even so, I’m (at best) a D-List blogger.

    D-List blogger? — What makes one an A-List blogger? Adam Weinroth analyzed three blogging rock stars, showing that they are primarily linkers, not commentators.

    To see how blogan stacks up, I analyzed my 190 posts, using Adam’s categories. Like Adam, I allowed a post to be classified in more than one category if it seemed appropriate.

    Clearly, I don’t have the mojo to be an A-list blogger. I spend too much time on issue analysis or commentary, though not as much as I’d like. (I still owe one semi-regular reader an answer on Social Security reform, though I’ve clearly lost interest interest in the topic or the will to fight or both…)

    How do you find me? — Judging by my access logs, blogan is discovered mainly by people searching for:

    • Free teleprompter software
    • Mirror image fonts
    • Free TNIV
    • Random header images
    • How to make a memory map
    • Microinequities

    However, those searches find posts outside the mainstream of blogan articles. I’m sure it results in many one-hit visitors.

    Still blogging… — So far, I’m not here, yet.1

    If I were, I suspect you’d know it before I did.

    1. Comic credit. “Nothing to Say“, by Hugh MacLeod. Used under a Creative Commons license
  • My Blog Was Down

    My blog was down last night. All I’d get was an error message about my SQL database and a config file. I haven’t heard from my web host yet, so I don’t know their explanation, but from reading the WordPress support forum, it appears that SQL servers can go down once in a while.

    Sorry to my faithful readers, all three of you. :-)

    Update: There is no update. Even though I submitted a help ticket to my web hosting service, I haven’t heard back. In their defense, I wonder if they received it. (Maybe the SQL server stores them…)

  • No content to post today. Instead, I spent my blog…

    No content to post today. Instead, I spent my blogging time hacking the appearance. I hope you find it more attractive, easier to read, and quicker to load.



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