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  • Heartbeat


    My blog now has a heartbeat — I it! For those that are interested in the technical details, read on. The rest of you can stop right here. tl;dr. In the header and footer, the graphic is a background SVG with embedded CSS scaling the heart element. The standalone hearts also are an SVG, this…

  • Getting the green padlock

    Getting the green padlock

    Regular visitors to might notice something new: a green padlock next to my URL/sitename. This change came as a result of changing hosting companies. I am now running on Tap. It was hard to resist. Only $5 per month lets me use my own domain name, and I get SSL security and HTTP/2. Tap…

  • Ten Year Blogiversary

    Ten years ago, I started this blog with a post about earthquake monitors. Now, 2,304 posts later, I’m still blogging. Over the years, this blog has gone through a lot of change. Quoting my about page: I used be a “serious” blogger and wrote about politics and religion. Now I’m a snapshooter extraordinaire who takes…

  • I’m Moving My Blog’s Email Subscriptions To MailChimp

    To improve the quality of my email subscription service, I’m now using MailChimp. Those of you who have already subscribed to my daily blog updates should not notice a difference, other than getting the emails more reliably. It seems that emails might not have been sent for over a week. If you didn’t get any,…

  • Teal for Ovarian Cancer Awareness

    Teal for Ovarian Cancer Awareness

    Blogan has gone teal for National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Coincidentally, a pretty shade of pink works as an accent color. Hug those who are special to you.

  • Buh Bye, Feedburner — Hello URI.LV

    I was using Feedburner to provide my email subscriptions. Rather than wait for Google to kill Feedburner, I have moved my email subscriptions to URI.LV. If all works as planned, those of you who subscribed to my blog will continue to get my new posts (including this one) without disruption. If not, I’ll have some…

  • Coincidence?

    This is the eighth anniversary of my first blog post and the world ends today. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Decorating for the Holidays

    Ho! To celebrate the season, I’ve donned my Santa hat and activated the snow machine. *<:-) I hope your holiday preparations are going well. I’m off to enjoy a mug of hot chocolate with a candy cane stirring stick. c[_]

  • Back Up

    Back Up

    Running on WordPress nightly builds, it’s amazing how few problems I get. This last week, my blog got bit, and hard. In the process of bringing everything back, I learned a lot about WordPress’ database structure and ended up with a nice, clean options table. It’s so nice to be back up! Good backups are…