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  • Why Bikes Make Smart People Say Dumb Things

    Why Bikes Make Smart People Say Dumb Things. A good discussion on why those who drive cars think those who ride bikes are scofflaws and some good arguments why we’re not. Money quote: “The likely conclusion is that people riding bikes don’t break more laws or fewer laws than when they drive cars, but they…

  • Bike Detours

    Bike Detours

    I like riding a bike because it’s so easy to take a quick detour. I can take a picture or two, enjoy a chilly beverage, pick handfuls of blackberries growing along the path, or just notice the view. I did all today. May your detours be as enjoyable as mine. :-)

  • Dear Motorist

    Dear Motorist

    While biking to work this morning, a white pickup truck nearly ran me over. It would have been his fault and done while he was breaking the law. Fortunately I saw it (him) coming and was able to avoid the collision. I considered a chase, but know road rage never goes well for anyone. Instead,…

  • One Year On Sage

    One Year On Sage

    One year ago, my family surprised me with a new bike for Fathers’ Day. They’re pretty awesome that way. :-) Since then, I’ve ridden “Sage” quite a bit and bragged quite a bit on the way. Here’s my year in review. I biked 3,207 miles. The number seemed really big to me, but then I…

  • Portland to Portland

    Portland to Portland

    Today, I passed another milestone on my new bike: 3,198 miles! What is the significance of that number, you might ask? Perhaps I’m a pair of miles premature for my pride? No, my fine friend, because 3,192.7 is the distance from Portland, Ore. to Portland, Maine. Sometime this morning, on my ride to work, I…

  • Photo Spot, A Year Later

    Photo Spot, A Year Later

    More than a year ago, I posted my last “photo spot picture.” NE Veterans Road is now done, cutting through the field. You can just make out the lights in the distance. It’s a great road, curvy to keep traffic speeds low. It features Hillsboro’s second cycle track and a separate pedestrian pathway. A traffic…

  • Biking Recap for May 2014

    Biking Recap for May 2014

    My May Bicycling Accomplishments May is my best month of the year, so far. Actually, May is my best month ever! — 471 miles. I think I was getting a little excited about biking more than 3,000 miles in a year and wanted to make sure I hit my goal. Turns out, I hit it…

  • 3,004 Miles, So Far

    3,004 Miles, So Far

    Last Fathers’ Day, my family surprised me with a new bike. Since then, I’ve been riding “Sage” for commuting and for exercise. Last December, I was proud to report that I had biked 2,162 miles in 2013. A few weeks ago, I realized that I could start my year anywhere, not just January 1. If…

  • Daily Commute

    Daily Commute

    The sun in my eyes on my daily commute.