• Ukraine flag SVG image

    Ukraine flag SVG image


    Creating a Ukraine flag in SVG format is quite straightforward.1I always use the Pocket Guide to Writing SVG when hand-crafting SVGs. Using 2:3 proportions2Ukraine at Flags of the World. and correct colors,3Flag of Ukraine on Wikipedia. I created a basic SVG using rectangles:

    <svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" viewBox="0 0 3 2">
      <rect x="0" y="0" width="3" height="1" fill="#0057b7" stroke-width="0px" />
      <rect x="0" y="1" width="3" height="1" fill="#ffd700" stroke-width="0px" />

    I find using codepen.io to be the easiest place to do this, as it shows the resulting graphic as I work.


    Next, I cut and pasted this into SVGOMG for optimizing the rects into paths:

    <svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" viewBox="0 0 3 2">
      <path fill="#0057b7" d="M0 0h3v1H0z"/>
      <path fill="gold" d="M0 1h3v1H0z"/>

    SVGOMG also provided a shorter designation for the color gold and removed all whitespace. Filesize comparisons are below. Only 165 bytes uncompressed is quite small!4By way of comparison, the png format Ukraine flag on Wikipedia is 2KB. My US flag SVG file is 738 bytes, compressed.



    Although most of brentlogan.com is licensed under a Creative Commons license, I release my Ukraine flag SVG file to the public domain to use as you wish, no attribution required.

  • Cannon Beach escape

    Cannon Beach escape

    This past Monday afternoon, Suzi and I made a quick escape to Cannon Beach to watch the sunset. We arrived with less than an hour to spare and parked at the beach end of Second Ave. Barely on the sand, I noted we wouldn’t want to walk very far. After all, those clouds over the ocean indicated rain. Almost immediately, it started showering on us. That is, it was just like we were standing in a shower, small drops coming down hard, at an angle. We were going to be soaked and soon.

    After retreating to the car, we decided to drive south to Tolovana Beach. Worst case, we could sit in the car and watch the sun go down. When we arrived, there was only a light mist. So we walked out to the beach, took a few pictures, then headed back to the car because of the mist and the cold. We warmed up in the car and rinsed and repeated a few times.

    Finally, once again warming up in the car, we decided to drive back north a bit to find a different view of the Rock and the sun. This time, we stuck it out until the sun went down.

    Another great day at the beach!

  • Three dogs on a walk

    Three dogs on a walk

    Melissa recently bought a dual leash so one of us could take both Oakley and Gilligan on a walk. We have been amazed at how well it works.

    Now, because reasons, we have all three granddogs at our house for a short time. I decided to try taking all three dogs on a walk by myself.

    For the last couple of days, I’ve had great success.1I even have a hand free to take a picture or pick up messes. I don’t know whether passers-by are thinking, “I didn’t know we had a dog-walking service in our neighborhood,” “I guess that’s better than being a greeter at Walmart,” or “What a lucky guy to have three beautiful, well-behaved doggies.”

    I’m going with that last one.

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      I even have a hand free to take a picture or pick up messes.
  • Tsunami at Cannon Beach?

    Tsunami at Cannon Beach?

    After a text this morning warning of a potential tsunami on the Oregon coast, I went to KGW8’s Cannon Beach Cam. I watched from about 8:35 to 8:50 am to see what I could see, but didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

    That’s good news.1Another win for Betteridge’s law of headlines.

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      Another win for Betteridge’s law of headlines.
  • Cannon Beach weekend

    Cannon Beach weekend

    This past weekend, Suzi and I visited Cannon Beach to celebrate our recent anniversary. Friday evening, we watched the Rock from our balcony.

    The next morning, we relaxed.1Translation: slept in We walked the beach, visited Insomnia, and walked the beach some more. At low tide, we wandered around the rocks. I found a few sea anemones, but no sea stars like we saw before the massive die-off nearly a decade ago.

    I think the prior weekend had king tides so the beach was scrubbed fairly flat with clear evidence that the waves had gone all the way to the dunes and sea walls.

    Like every time we visit Cannon Beach, Ecola Creek crossed the sand differently. This time it was wide, shallow, and split before it joined the ocean. The rocky bottom of the old creek bed, along with some old stumps, was exposed.

    Sunday, I got up a little earlier and caught the sunrise at the Rock. The beach was largely empty, with another photographer capturing the view.

    After another walk down the beach and back, Suzi and I decided to explore down the coast a little bit. We visited Arch Cape, Hug Point, and Manzanita. I experimented with a telephoto lens, taking pictures of the spray2A slower shutter speed would have been better. and the cliffs at the north end of the beach.

    As we drove back north, it was nearly sunset so we stopped at Tolovana to see the beautiful end to a short vacation.

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      Translation: slept in
    • 2
      A slower shutter speed would have been better.
  • My favorite photos of 2021

    My favorite photos of 2021

    Normally, I have an agonizing time, paring down to ten pictures for my yearly favorite pictures post. This year, I don’t have ten I want to include.

    May 2022 be a better year for all of us in so many ways!

    These photos are from the following posts:

  • Chris Winfield: Grateful / Graceful

    Chris Winfield: Grateful / Graceful

    Be grateful when things are going your way. Be graceful when they’re aren’t.

    Chris Winfield
  • Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas from our family to you and yours!

  • Cannon Beach

    Cannon Beach

    Normally, we visit Cannon Beach shortly after the new year, and then multiple times throughout the year. This year, we tried to go in late January but had to turn around because of snow and accidents in the coastal mountains. Going through my photos, I see that we visited mid-March, and then not again. Until yesterday, that is.

    Suzi, Heather, Jamison, and I loaded into Heather’s car, with Gilligan and Oakley in the back with treats.1The treats that they didn’t touch until they got home… We were concerned that it might be snowing (again!) on the pass and wanted to all be in the same car. When we left, it was rainy with no relief in sight. As we neared, we saw blue sky to the west, and maybe only to the north. A wager was placed on whether blue sky would be visible at Cannon Beach.2The blue sky didn’t need to be directly above, but it needed to be more than just a little hole in the clouds. Blizzards were at stake. We arrived to see sufficient blue for me to lose.3Which also meant that I won, right? ;-) And when we arrived, the blue sky *was* also directly overhead.

    Some of us got hot drinks and we walked on the beach to the Needles and a little beyond. Another beautiful day at the beach.

    We’re making plans for the next visit. We can’t wait as long this time.

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      The treats that they didn’t touch until they got home…
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      The blue sky didn’t need to be directly above, but it needed to be more than just a little hole in the clouds. Blizzards were at stake.
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      Which also meant that I won, right? ;-) And when we arrived, the blue sky *was* also directly overhead.
  • Decorating the Christmas Tree — 2021

    Decorating the Christmas Tree — 2021

    Once we got the tree home from the tree farm and washed it off, it was time to bring it in, un-bale it, then decorate it. We all joined in on the fun!