Photo ride

After work, my bike was calling my name. As it was too late for caffeine, I headed off to my friends: the wheat field and the power pole.

One of the advantages of touring around on a bike is how easy it is to jump off and take a couple of pictures.

For once, the wind seemed to be at my back most of the time, well, except for one section. No worries. I geared down and enjoyed the scenery. After all, my bike isn’t built for speed, but comfort. With its upright seating, it’s more of an “enjoy the scenery” sort of ride.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer evenings, too!


This past long weekend, Jamison and I longboarded the Banks to Vernonia trail three days in a row.

On the first day, we parked one car at the Buxton trailhead and headed up to Tophill. As Jamison drove, I checked the map and noticed a road heading north from the Buxton trailhead tracking east of Highway 47, behind LL “Stub” Stewart State Park. Maybe it could be another fun way to get between our ride’s terminal points. As we passed the road’s north end, we saw gravel and wondered where the transition from paved to gravel was.

On the second day, we decided to try the road and discovered the pavement-gravel line is immediately north of the Buxton trailhead; the whole route is gravel! Along the way after a very short backtrack, we discovered a field of wildflowers we knew Suzi would enjoy.

On the third day, we brought Suzi, Melissa, and Gilligan with us. And stopped.

Silver Creek State Park

Yesterday, Suzi, Jamison and I went to Silver Creek State Park. We were amazed at how many people were there, and pleasantly surprised how many were wearing their masks.

We walked the 2.6-mile loop between upper and lower South Falls, then drove to North Falls. It would be fun to do the longer hike that goes by all eleven falls in the park, but we’d want to arrive earlier and be better prepared for that.