Why It’s More Important Than Ever to Ignore the News

Why It’s More Important Than Ever to Ignore the News. John Zeratsky of Time Dorks makes the case for minimizing the time spent reading the news, yet remaining informed and increasing the time available to actually do something about the news. Interestingly, John doesn’t mention the mental health aspects of limiting news consumption.

Two trips to Cannon Beach

Last Saturday and yesterday, Suzi and I visited Cannon Beach — twice. It was glorious!

On Saturday, we went with Ashley, Kevin and family.

Yesterday, we arrived later afternoon, visited Insomnia, and walked to the rock. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the water so far out. And it was warm! Normally, the water is so cold that my ankles ache immediately upon stepping into the water. This time, wading was no problem.

After eating, we took our chairs out onto the beach and watched the sun set while people walked and cartwheeled by.

Three gallons of blood

I reached a milestone yesterday: I donated my 24th pint of blood — 3 gallons!1 I used to have a rule: no talking about needles while I’m driving.2 We want to keep the driver conscious. I decided my fear of needles wasn’t optimal and decided to donate blood to get over it.

My plan worked, and along the way I wrote the post on donating blood for wimps and I played an important role in saving lives.

If you want to donate blood, too, but think you might want a donor buddy, feel free to contact me. We can do this!

  1. That’s about twice as much blood currently flowing through my body. 
  2. Not an easy rule to follow with at least 80% then headed to working in hospitals… 

Small, square boxes

Collections are cool. We find all sorts of things, label them, and put them in small, square boxes. Rocks, stamps, coins, galaxies. Along the way we learn geology, geography, history, cosmology.

We also learn classification, taxonomy. We get better at putting things in small, square boxes.

Sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic. Definitive, commemorative, special. Mint, used. Spiral, bar, irregular, barred spiral, lenticular, peculiar.

What do we do when reality is more complex than our taxonomy? What if we collect colors and discover the rainbow is a continuum?

Some might say, get more small, square boxes. And maybe that’s okay as long as we recognize that small, square boxes can’t fully capture reality. That small, square boxes can’t change reality. That small, square boxes can’t change a rainbow.