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  • Haystack Rock by DALL-E

    Haystack Rock by DALL-E

    I wanted to see what DALL-E could create, so I registered an account and provided a simple prompt: “a watercolor painting of sunset over haystack rock at edge of ocean.” These six pictures are the result. So cool!

  • Hillsboro Fourth Of July Parade 2022

    Hillsboro Fourth Of July Parade 2022

    Finally, another Fourth of July Parade!

  • Afternoon at the nursery

    Afternoon at the nursery

    This last Sunday, Ashley invited us over to see Sebastian and visit her favorite nursery. While Suzi and Ashley picked plants to buy, I wandered with my camera, finding flowers to capture.

  • Manzanita, OR photos

    Manzanita, OR photos

    This last Saturday, we decided to head to Manzanita. We figured that with the nice weather, Cannon Beach was going to be crowded. Also, Jamison and I wanted to take some photos and Manzanita seemed as likely a place for that as anywhere. Suzi and I had been there recently, and I wanted to take…

  • Lone Star State flag SVG

    Lone Star State flag SVG

    Inspired by recent events in Texas, I decided to create an SVG-format image of the lone star state flag. Compared with the US flag, it’s a fairly simple design, being: A rectangle that: (1) has a width to length ratio of two to three; and (2) contains: (A) one blue vertical stripe that has a…

  • Ukraine flag SVG image

    Ukraine flag SVG image

    Creating and optimizing an SVG of Ukraine’s flag is quite straightforward using a few online tools. I describe how I did it and make it available for your free download.

  • Cannon Beach escape

    Cannon Beach escape

    This past Monday afternoon, Suzi and I made a quick escape to Cannon Beach to watch the sunset. We arrived with less than an hour to spare and parked at the beach end of Second Ave. Barely on the sand, I noted we wouldn’t want to walk very far. After all, those clouds over the…

  • Three dogs on a walk

    Three dogs on a walk

    Melissa recently bought a dual leash so one of us could take both Oakley and Gilligan on a walk. We have been amazed at how well it works. Now, because reasons, we have all three granddogs at our house for a short time. I decided to try taking all three dogs on a walk by…

  • Tsunami at Cannon Beach?

    Tsunami at Cannon Beach?

    After a text this morning warning of a potential tsunami on the Oregon coast, I went to KGW8’s Cannon Beach Cam. I watched from about 8:35 to 8:50 am to see what I could see, but didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. That’s good news.