Visiting Ecola State Park

Another weekend, and the last before Jamison heads off to college. What to do? What to do? Ride bikes around Hillsboro? Longboard Mount Tabor or the Banks-Vernonia trail? Visit Cannon Beach? We loaded our longboards in Jamison’s car and headed west. By the time we got to Cannon Beach, we’d decided to visit Ecola State Park just north of Cannon Beach.

We took a quick stop at Ecola Point but apparently, there’s been some storm damage so the trails are closed.1 Back in the car and off to Indian Beach. Although it started raining2 we headed to explore the south end of the beach. By the time we got there, the rain had stopped. Jamison and I climbed Bald Point and took some more pictures, then rejoined Suzi and took some more.

After the park, we went to Cannon Beach, stood at the end of Second Street and watched the ocean some more. Cant’ get enough!

Another great day at the Oregon coast!

  1. Photo credit. Jamison Logan took the two pictures of Suzi and me hiking near Ecola Point. Used with his permission. Thanks, Jamison! 
  2. That wasn’t in the forecast for Hillsboro! 

Cannon Beach Sunset

“Mom’s going to be home from work soon. Wanna go to the beach?”

Oh, that ranks right up there on my list of favorite questions. :-)

Doing the math, an hour fifteen there, we would have about 15 minutes at the beach before sunset, stay at the beach a while longer, then an hour fifteen back.

“Yes, that sounds like fun! I’m in!!”

Suzi got home, we packed up the dogs and headed to Cannon Beach.

As we got there, the sun was low on the horizon. Ecola Creek headed South quite a ways before joining the Pacific. So we joined the dogs in wading across the creek and out to the ocean. The dogs played in the water, we took pictures and enjoyed the beautiful weather and gorgeous sights.

Yet another fantastic time at the beach! :-)

So, what’s an introvert like you doing at a meetup like this?

Attending conferences and meetups as an introvert can be difficult. Some seem like natural networkers, yet for others, networking can feel like torture. There are so many people and it’s always the same, inane conversations. So, what do you do? How about the [insert sportsball team name]? Great weather, huh?

I’ve discovered a few tricks that work for me at networking events.

  1. Lower my expectations/goals. Instead of trying to meet as many people as I can, I’ll try to connect with just one or two. For some people, it’s a numbers game. For me, I’d rather connect with one instead of grabbing a stack of cards.1
  2. Learn some good questions to spark a conversation. I’m more likely to enjoy the resulting conversation instead of talking about the weather or sportsball.
  3. Find someone that looks more uncomfortable than I feel and go talk to them. Of course, if they’re really uncomfortable, I need to be ready to back off, too.
  4. Don’t meet anyone. Instead, I’ll find a comfy chair somewhere around where others are and read a book or blog by one of the speakers. It’s better than leaving and gives me something to talk about. Maybe later, I’ll feel like meeting someone.2

Have you tried any of these? What works for you?3

  1. Actually, I don’t like collecting cards. I connect on LinkedIn immediately, in their presence, confirming I have the right person. Then I send an invite with a personalized note that informs both of us how we met, “Hey Ashton, it was great talking to you about onewheels at the snapshot conference.” 
  2. In other words, pace myself. 
  3. Photo credit: Rick Turoczy. “A little ‘welcome to Portland’ gift for all of my fellow @StartupChamps introverts, designed to indicate how full our interaction and socializing batteries are at any given moment.” Used with permission. 

Longboarding the Bank-Vernonia State Trail, twice in one weekend

Jamison wanted to longboard again today, or was it me? Maybe it was both of us. Regardless, I wanted to try my downhill board and see if that made me a little faster. My Kegels are already on that board. I need something to be able to keep up with Jamison. So, off we went!

Suzi and Melissa didn’t want to shuttle us today, so we took a couple of cars.

Last time I’d ridden this board, it had felt a little squirrelly at speed. And no, the Banks-Vernonia Trail isn’t that fast, but with a consistent tuck, Jamison’s phone said we got almost to 25 mph.

The board felt solid. Jamison and I have already checked our calendars for the next Wednesday we can both hit Mt. Tabor.

Longboarding the Banks-Vernonia Trail

Jamison wanted to longboard the Banks-Vernonia State Trail and Suzi and Melissa were willing to shuttle us so we wouldn’t have to do the 3-trip car-shuttle thingie. I couldn’t say no. ;-)

Jamison posted on Instagram. (More below…)

Suzi and Melissa walked the pups while they waited for us. We ended up skating Tophill to Buxton twice. In between runs, we walked the Buxton Trestle, Melissa walked the dog through the creek, and we found some blackberries. Mmm… :-)

What a great day!

I got a new-to-me bike

I got yet another bike. :-)

It’s not as bad as it sounds. This summer, we cleaned house.1 I got rid of a road bike that I haven’t used in decades. I no longer want to wear spandex and have distracted drivers speed by me too close on two-lane country roads. I also got rid of Sage, a bike I commuted to work twelve months of the year2 and probably rode more than 6,000 miles. The number of components Sage needed to be serviced and/or replaced to get back to proper running order exceeded her value. So I donated her to a local bike center that repairs and sells donated bikes. I hope she finds a nice, new home. She deserves it.

I had only my mountain bike converted to commuter bike with fenders, rack, and non-knobby tires. It’s still a great bike, just not as comfortable as I’d like. I’ll be keeping it.3

Searching Craigslist, I found an Electra Townie in great shape and not too far away. I put one of our new roof bike racks on the CRV then Suzi and I headed out to take a look.

I got a great deal.4 The sellers have a little more space in their garage. And Darth5 has a new home.6 Success!

I’m looking forward to riding Darth this weekend.

  1. Okay, just the garage. But that’s quite an accomplishment. 
  2. And lunch rides, and weekend rides, and … 
  3. This last weekend, Suzi, Jamison, and I rode a new section of bike path in the Gorge between Wyeth State Park and Starvation Creek Park. As that’s my new normal for biking, I figured I needed a bike to match. And I still need to post pictures from the ride/day. Posted
  4. Less than a third of its price new for as-new condition. Seems good to me. YMMV. 
  5. Still trying the name on for size, but it seems appropriate. I’m open to other suggestions. ;-) 
  6. And a new bell. Well, it’s new to him. Used to be on Sage. Perfect! Tonight he’ll get Sage’s mirror and I’ll be ordering a rack. Ah… :-)