My favorite photos of 2019

Every year, I post my favorite photos. Some years, I’ve been able to cut it down to my top ten, but not this year. For that matter, I couldn’t limit myself to fewer than eleven photos from Cannon Beach… :-D

Many years, I’ve also posted my top nine from Instagram, but again, not this year, as I posted fewer than nine on Instagram during 2019.

These picture all make my happy. I could imagine printing all of them and hanging them on my walls.

I hope at least one makes you happy, too!


If this life is a shipwreck…

If this life is a desert, it is our duty to make an oasis in it; if this life is a shipwreck, we must rescue as many as we can, and not forget to sing in the lifeboats.

Peter Gay

Hat tip: John P. Weiss and Quote Investigator.


Weekend at my happy place with my favorite people ️

This last weekend, our whole family spent the weekend at Cannon Beach. Thanks, Heather! This is worth making a family tradition.

Saturday night, we wandered a little through town.


Fifteen year blogiversary

Fifteen years ago, I wrote my first post here. Now, my archives page says there are 2,565 posts. That doesn’t count the many obnoxious posts I decided didn’t represent well. There are probably more that could be deleted. Yup.

Most of the posts here still make me happy. It’s common for me to have a conversation with someone and be tempted to pull out my phone and search for a relevant post.

Over the years, this blog has watched a lot of changes.


This site has always been self-hosted WordPress. I started in the earlier days of WordPress, with version 1.2.1. Now WordPress and I are on version 5.3.2. I flirted with Blogger, but it wasn’t serious.

I started with shared hosting, then went with a dedicated WordPress hosting provider. Now I’m using a Digital Ocean virtual private server with free Cloudflare CDN and JetPack image processing/serving. It’s amazing what $5 per month can get you these days.

When I started, I wanted anonymity, using as the domain. Sometime later, I removed the mask and transitioned to This is me.

Fellow Travelers

Those I started blogging with don’t anymore. Those I convinced to start blogging also don’t. Their sites might still be up, but they haven’t posted in years. To me, that’s sad. For them, probably not. They’re now on Facebook or Instagram, probably both. It works for them.

Popular Posts

I added some locally-hosted visitor analytics a while back.1It doesn’t track you and send your information to a third party. It allows me to see what are currently my most popular posts.

Yeah, I wrote only two or three of these this year, depending on how you count. A couple more are quotes from other people. It’s how the web works.

Series and Themes

Over the years, I’ve settled into a few themes. Here are links to some of them.

One of these days, I might settle down to a single topic. Until then, this will continue to be a place for me to experiment, learning web technologies, and have fun sharing what’s important to me at the moment.

And a place for visitors to learn a little more about me.



If the moon were only 1 pixel [Link]

Most models of the solar system are not to scale.1Reasonable scales between planets tend to make the planets microscopic. Those that are, tend to be quite large. For example, I have visited the 1:2,200,000,000 scale model in Boise, Idaho. It has a sun with a diameter of only 0.5 m and a distance between the sun and Pluto 2.4 km. That’s a hike!

Another model in the northwest is in Eugene, Oregon, with a larger 1:1,000,000,000 scale. Its sun is 1.4 m making the distance between the sun and Pluto 5.9 km. To put things in perspective, the distance between the sun and Earth is 150 m, and the Earth is only 1.2 cm in diameter.2You can find info about other models on Wikipedia.

The website, If the moon were only 1 pixel, not surprisingly, accurately scales the solar system with the moon’s diameter being only one pixel on your screen. Prepare yourself for a lot of sideways scrolling — Pluto’s 1,700,423.5 pixels away from the sun.

Hat tip: Farnam Street Brain Food No. 346.
Post updated to include the number of pixels that Pluto is from the sun.


A decorated tree — 2019

We waited until Saturday evening to decorate our tree so all the kids could join in. And so did the dogs.

I don’t think we’ve ever decorated a tree this fast. Lights, angel, ribbon, and ornaments.

I love it!

Photo credit. Thanks to Ashley for taking the picture of Gilligan!


Fetching the Christmas Tree — 2019

On Black Friday, we went and cut our Christmas trees. The sky was clear blue and it was a lot warmer than the cold night would have suggested. Certainly a lot warmer and dryer than last year.

As Ashley and Kevin joined us, we got two trees.1And rode in two cars. This was also the first time we’ve been joined by our granddogs, Mousse and Gilligan.

We went to the same place we’d been for the last few years.2The place we used to go before is closed this year, waiting for their trees to get a little bigger. Apparently, this place will be closed next year. As long as you wanted an 8-foot noble, the selection was great. In fact, I found a tree next to the car where we parked that would have been absolutely wonderful. But as everyone knows, the quality of the tree and the enjoyment of the hunt varies directly with distance walked in the search. So we literally walked all the way to the far side of the tree field and picked one on the perimeter. I think maybe it’s a hair over nine feet tall. And worth the hike. ;-)

Of course, we took the traditional family shots and the tree cutting shot. I tied the tree on top of the car, then Jamison and I got our traditional hot chocolates.

Photo credits. All photos except the one of Heather and Gilligan by Jamison.


Gaming the Metrics

Gaming the Metrics. I wrote a post on my company’s blog. Go check it out!

For those that are interested, the answers to the quiz were 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 1, 3, 3, 2, 4, 2, 4, 2, 3, 1, 3, 1, 2, 4. Like my high school’s song, this is information that will stick with me forever.


Cannon Beach

Today, Suzi, Heather, Melissa, Jamison, Gilligan, and I visited Cannon Beach. Gilligan played fetch and swam the creek.1She’s so tired now that she almost needs help getting up on the couch. Poor puppy! Jamison flew his drone.2Maybe, pictures and/or videos to follow. We all walked to Haystack Rock and the Needles. And I took pictures.

At the Rock, I talked to a gentleman who claimed to have walked through the cave on the side of the rock many years ago. The tide was low enough today to make a quick exploration almost tempting. I also took my picture using the KGW8 live webcam. I’m the person on the far left.

Another great day on the Oregon coast!


WFH w/ my associate

Today’s a work from home day. I expect to have lots of help from my associate, Gilligan.