Who is Brent Logan?

Hi! I’m Brent Logan. I’m curious. I like to learn. Along the way, I share some of it here.

When I started this site in 2004, I was anonymous. My domain was with the tagline

blogan >>--> hot air powers the point

I wrote frequently on news, politics, and religion. That’s what everyone who had a blog did. We didn’t have Facebook and Twitter (or even MySpace) to publish our thoughts. I tracked my visitor stats and even my “Klout.”

Over time, I’ve come to the conclusion that gamified personal branding1Can we please just say “reputation”? relationships is toxic. I prefer my relationships to be in real-time and face to face. I don’t want to keep score. And I’m not going to track what is more popular here and massage my messaging to maximize your engagement. Online connections are okay and I continue to keep this site active, maybe as much to experiment with creating and maintaining a site as anything.

I’ve also dropped the anonymity and added some humility. I’ve changed my opinions on some significant matters and want to give others the same freedom. I now post more pictures than words. I prefer abstract, architectural, and scenic pictures.2Here are some of my favorite photos. And more than a few pictures of our dogs and cats. Once in a while, I share a quote. And I write about our family trips, longboarding, bicycling, and the other fun stuff we do. I even write poetry3As long as you call amateur Haiku poetry. once in a long while.

In the early days of blogging, people used RSS readers. Very few do now, so I offer an email subscription. If you don’t know me, I wonder why you’d subscribe. And if you do, I wonder why you wouldn’t. ;-)


Although this is my home on the Internet, you can find me elsewhere, too.

  • Brizzly. As I post less and less on social media (and even here), I’m finding Brizzly to be my favorite “social” media site. Give it a try and see if you agree!
  • Twitter. I rarely share links from the various materials I read, plus sporadic tweets of wisdom. You might see leadership, WordPress, electronic freedom, photography, education, and bicycling stuff there. I infrequently post links to my posts, and never more than once.
  • Instagram. I used to be more active on Instagram. Their photo editor is pretty cool. I don’t post much anymore and only visit a couple of times a month. Maybe that makes me an “active user” according to their stats?
  • LinkedIn. I’m a manager with more than fifteen years of experience leading cross-functional design teams in fast-paced, global, and matrixed environments. I am skilled in leading distributed/remote teams, stakeholders, and vendors in agile software and hardware development. Take a look, give me a shout. We can “professionally network!”


You can find more information about my blog on the following pages.