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Rocks on the beach Wi-Ne-Ma Morning - This was Jamison’s last Wi-Ne-Ma trip with Faith. I had a last minute opportunity to … Continue reading "Wi-Ne-Ma Morning"
Sunset over the Columbia River Sunset over the Columbia River - Driving home from Walla Walla, I stopped to enjoy the approaching sunset.
Sunset Beach while there was still blue sky overhead Sunset Beach - Gilly enjoyed her first trip to the beach with Mousse, DJ, and Miska. Due to … Continue reading "Wi-Ne-Ma Morning"

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Some Awesome Comments1

  • “You get an A+!”Kathi
  • “You have some really great beach photos… love them all.”Sherwin
  • “Brent, your photos are excellent. A real delight.”Shirley Ann
  • “Your footnotes always crack me up!”Sherilee
  • “amazing pictures mr. snapshooter.”shelby


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  1. Okay, they’re from my high-school English teacher2 and family, but I’ll take it! 
  2. Isn’t that just the best for a blog? :-)