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Portland to Portland

Today, I passed another milestone on my new bike: 3,198 miles! What is the significance of that number, you might ask? Perhaps I’m a pair of miles premature for my pride? No, my fine friend, because 3,192.7 is the distance from Portland, Ore. to Portland, Maine. Sometime this morning, on my ride to work, I… Continue reading Portland to Portland

Paragliding Portland’s Bridges

Another beautiful video of Portland. Is there any other kind? ;-) It looks like fun. If you’re concerned about the legality or safety of paragliding downtown Portland’s bridges, check out the video’s note on YouTube.

Portland Walk With Heather

To celebrate Heather’s recent birthday, on Friday afternoon Heather and I went downtown Portland and walked around. We visited the cutest puppies at Pioneer Courthouse and walked around The Bite of Oregon to get to the waterfront. We walked by city hall, the parks, and into the Pearl. We found REI and window-shopped their bikes,… Continue reading Portland Walk With Heather

Portland Photo Walk

Ashley’s buying a camera seemed like a good excuse to roam downtown Portland. We wandered around Tanner Springs Park, Jamison Square, Pioneer Courthouse Square (where we caught an impromptu concert by Without Apology), Director Park, and The Fields Neighborhood Park. Then we walked the Eastbank Esplanade from the Vera Katz sculpture to north of Burnside… Continue reading Portland Photo Walk

ROAMing Portland

I visited Salmon Street Fountain in downtown Portland during lunch to see the ROAM Velomobile Tour sendoff. BikePortland.org has more (and better) photos of the event.1 Velomobiles are amazing, sleek vehicles to see up close. My bike feels so clunky in comparison. As I was already in downtown Portland, I played tourist and took some… Continue reading ROAMing Portland