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Another View From 3E

Another flight sitting in 3E from PDX to SMF, some more clouds, another engine shot. Hey look, a river winding through fields. :-)

The View From 3E

I took another trip to Folsom with my camera. This time, the weather cooperated (though the window was a little dirty…). I wish the airlines would let me use a ladder, a bucket of soapy water, and a squeegee to clean my window before my flight. :-)

Stormy Cannon Beach

Another week, another opportunity to visit Cannon Beach. Since our visit the previous weekend, massive breakers scrubbed the Oregon coast. Ecola Creek rerouted north again, much closer to bluffs. The loose sand that was on the beach washed away. The tsunami evacuation maps normally posted on the seawall are gone. Have they also washed away?… Continue reading Stormy Cannon Beach