I Got a New Bike

Fathers’ Day came early this year. And my family is wily. That combination turned out great for me yesterday. Melissa invited me to Bike N’ Hike during lunch under the ruse of having me help her find a front wicker basket. She apparently hoped I’d want to test ride a bike I’ve had my eye … Continue reading “I Got a New Bike”

I Need a New Bike

The second bike I ever rode was a red Schwinn cruiser, very much like the bike pictured above. What a great bike! I remember how I would get that bike moving. I’d push the bike and turn its left pedal with my hand until the right pedal was just forward of top dead center. Standing … Continue reading “I Need a New Bike”

Portland to Portland

Today, I passed another milestone on my new bike: 3,198 miles! What is the significance of that number, you might ask? Perhaps I’m a pair of miles premature for my pride? No, my fine friend, because 3,192.7 is the distance from Portland, Ore. to Portland, Maine. Sometime this morning, on my ride to work, I … Continue reading “Portland to Portland”

3,004 Miles, So Far

Last Fathers’ Day, my family surprised me with a new bike. Since then, I’ve been riding “Sage” for commuting and for exercise. Last December, I was proud to report that I had biked 2,162 miles in 2013. A few weeks ago, I realized that I could start my year anywhere, not just January 1. If … Continue reading “3,004 Miles, So Far”

Biking Recap for December 2013

December had some unseasonably cold temperatures. But there is no bad weather, only bad clothing. My December Bicycling Accomplishments I reached the biking 2,000 milestone in a single year milestone. The next day, thanks to a beheaded spoke and a flat tire, I broke my streak of not commuting to work by car since sometime … Continue reading “Biking Recap for December 2013”

My Favorite Posts of 2013

As I look back over my posts from 2013, these are my favorites. Long(ish)-Form Blogging Sometimes I post more than a picture or what I’m doing. These are some (most?) of this type of post. Marriage is Not Just a Label — my take on gay marriageTwo Gallons of Blood — I hit a milestoneMorning … Continue reading “My Favorite Posts of 2013”