Haystack Rock and the Needles

Stormy Cannon Beach

Monday evening, Suzi and I were relaxing before bed when the lights at the inn blinked. They were out only a couple of seconds and we were glad when they came back on. Unfortunately, not that much later, they went out again … and then stayed out.

We still had internet, so I was able to jump on the power company’s site to learn that there was a powerline issue. This wasn’t a surprise as the wind was picking up. And the power was supposed to be fixed by morning. Sure enough, at 6:15 am, the power came back. Suzi said it came on during the night, at least briefly, but I slept through it.

Although the weather was windy, I wanted to take the shot I’d attempted the day before. Headed south/upwind, I had to cover my mouth with my hands to be able to breathe. My phone’s weather app said the wind was a steady 29 mph with gusts to 52. I believe it.

After getting my picture, we watched the wind and waves from the comfort of our room. We checked out and headed to Second Street to discover the waves again coming up to the sea wall, maybe even higher than yesterday.

Sea foam coats the cars

At Tolovana we saw waves even higher than yesterday. I discovered that when the waves hit the access ramp wall and steps, they reflect back into the oncoming waves, colliding with soaking spray.1Ask me how I know about the soaking part… ;-) The wind blew the foam into the parking lot, coating the cars’ windshields.

Not wanting to drive after dark through the coast hills in high winds, we headed home early. Suzi checked the maps and said highway 26 was closed, but I ignored her and kept going. I should have listened. We hit the closure at about milepost 15. TripCheck said the road would be closed for another couple of hours.2Long road closures are never good news.

Watching the waves in our candlelit room

We turned around and checked in for another night. The power was out again, as it was for virtually all of Cannon Beach. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the same luck with the internet and it was too dark to read. It was an early night for me.

More photos and movies the next morning, followed by breakfast at our new favorite breakfast spot. Then we headed home, successfully this time.

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    Ask me how I know about the soaking part… ;-)
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    Long road closures are never good news.
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2 responses to “Stormy Cannon Beach”

  1. Sherwin Avatar

    Great photos! Liked the videos. We were at Canon Beach with family for Thanksgiving… not nearly as stormy.

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Thanks, Sherwin! I think this is the first time I’ve just posted phone videos on my site. Works pretty well, but have no idea what it’ll do to my bandwidth. I’ll watch and see. ;-)

    This was the first time we’d visited around the time of king tides, and we got a storm, too!