One thousand miles on Grey

In early spring, Suzi and I started shopping for e-bikes. We’d ridden e-bikes before on vacation and they are magical. There’s no other word to describe them.

After many hours on the web and taking multiple test drives, the Tern HSD P9 Performance, in limon, remained my top pick. On May 12th, Grey1Limon, Grey Limon. was mine. Not much later, Suzi had an e-bike of her own.

We rode them on the Banks-Vernonia linear trail. We rode them at Sunriver. We rode them in the neighborhoods. I rode Grey to Starbucks and to work and home again. I rode Grey on longer weekend rides.

Strava map of bike ride

While riding on October 8th,2Yup, another post soon to be back-dated. I looked down and saw Grey was about to hit 1,000 miles on the odometer. Just as I reached my Starbucks, the odometer turned — cause for celebration! ;-) c[_]

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    Limon, Grey Limon.
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    Yup, another post soon to be back-dated.
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