1. This is easily the coolest thing the internet has produced in a very long time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You’re welcome! I agree. It’s very cool. I’m having fun experimenting with it, and recommend it.

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting. :-)

  3. I feel your pain. For me, the pain point is AI-powered photo editing. And yet, I’m fine using auto-focus, auto-exposure, auto color. I’m intrigued by Arsenal. But too much AI photo editing seems to be too far. I must admit, I used Picasa with auto-cropping and color. It was cool.

    I *like* DALL-E. I’ve seen really impressive stuff done with it. Maybe with more experience, it would become easy to get what I’m hoping for.

    And don’t get me started on GPT-3. It’s beyond amazing and is something that teachers need to understand as a tool, not something to be feared. However, take a look at this tweet and the linked thread. In this case GPT-3 (or something similar) not only created an essay, but invented references. That’s going to be very hard to grade.

    GPT-3, artificially created faces, and deep fakes enable plausible political candidates that don’t exist. Max Headroom for president!

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