To the beach

Cannon Beach weekend

This past weekend, Suzi and I visited Cannon Beach to celebrate our recent anniversary. Friday evening, we watched the Rock from our balcony.

The next morning, we relaxed.1Translation: slept in We walked the beach, visited Insomnia, and walked the beach some more. At low tide, we wandered around the rocks. I found a few sea anemones, but no sea stars like we saw before the massive die-off nearly a decade ago.

I think the prior weekend had king tides so the beach was scrubbed fairly flat with clear evidence that the waves had gone all the way to the dunes and sea walls.

Like every time we visit Cannon Beach, Ecola Creek crossed the sand differently. This time it was wide, shallow, and split before it joined the ocean. The rocky bottom of the old creek bed, along with some old stumps, was exposed.

Sunday, I got up a little earlier and caught the sunrise at the Rock. The beach was largely empty, with another photographer capturing the view.

After another walk down the beach and back, Suzi and I decided to explore down the coast a little bit. We visited Arch Cape, Hug Point, and Manzanita. I experimented with a telephoto lens, taking pictures of the spray2A slower shutter speed would have been better. and the cliffs at the north end of the beach.

As we drove back north, it was nearly sunset so we stopped at Tolovana to see the beautiful end to a short vacation.

  • 1
    Translation: slept in
  • 2
    A slower shutter speed would have been better.