Pink rose in the sun

A trip to the Rose Garden and a nursery with a mirrorless camera. Clearly, even f/2 is too wide an aperture for some of these shots. More experimentation is needed. ;-)

By Brent Logan

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  1. Hello Brent… I am still weighed down with my Nikon 200. It is so heavy. I have a new camera on my list but it is a couple items down on priority. I have been using just my iPhone for some years now but since we are back on the island I want to get serious about photos again. Tell me, what do you have for a camera? Sweet photos. I too am very fond of flower shots. Your Grandma G would call those snaps!

  2. Hi! Indeed, my photos are snaps. They make me happy. :-)

    I have a Canon EOS M200 with a 22 mm f/2.0 lens. It’s very small and light and not terribly expensive. If money were no object, I’d get a Fujifilm X100V instead. Fujifilm’s X series cameras do a nice job of enhancing the photographic experience.

    Although the M200’s field of view is similar to what many phones offer, its APS-C sensor size and lens quality can result in photos unlike those from a phone camera, if used appropriately. Unfortunately, the techniques I learned with my point and shoot from years ago aren’t necessary with this camera. Hence, the learning curve.

    Thanks for dropping by!

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