A trip to the tulip farm

Last weekend, we wanted to visit the tulip farm, but even after 2020, we didn’t realize that we’d need reservations. Oops! At least we didn’t drive all the way before discovering that.

Melissa jumped online and made reservations for yesterday afternoon as a do over. After many days of beautiful, sunny weather, yesterday had more typical Oregon springtime weather: gentle, refreshing sprinkles.

The drive was faster than we expected so we showed up a little before our scheduled time. No worries, even though the parking lot looked like most people were showing up for their slotted times. Melissa had Oakley because, well, everyone knows that golden retrievers love tulips. Plus, what a great opportunity to socialize a six-month-old pupper. Lots of people and other doggies wanted to greet Miss Oakley.

We wandered through the mizzle and bloom, taking pictures and being Oakley’s entourage. I wandered over to the steam tractor to watch it work while Melissa and Suzi found hot drinks for all of us.

Mmm… :-)