Summertime mowing


One of my summertime joys is mowing my backyard. As optimizing processes is what I do, I’ve figured out the proper order for mowing. Actually, depending on the season and thus soil moisture saturation, final desired pattern, existing lawn length, bag vs. mulch, etc., I’ve figured out the various preferred orders for mowing my backyard.

With today’s mowing, near the end of the growing season,1With the summer equinox in late September, this is no longer summertime mowing, but fall mowing. mulching seemed right. As the lawn was nine days long, a double pass with side discharge the first pass was going to be necessary. And as the soil was not too dry or wet, I didn’t need to worry about the Oregon wetness that can make the left side too muddy for multiple passes.

A podcast through sound-canceling headphones made the time fly amidst the blades. And 5,522 steps later, the lawn was mowed and the mower cleaned and put away.

Gilligan reckoned it the perfect time for toss.2As humans call the game “fetch” it only makes sense that dogs would call it “toss.” Smart doggie!

By Brent Logan

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