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Self-isolation, day 5

Today started cold and frosty. During Gilligan’s constitutional, we paused to appreciate the crunching grass. Because of self-isolation, I skipped Starbucks and headed into the spare bedroom to work. By noon, the weather had warmed up1It got over 60! so a solo walk through the neighborhood seemed like a good idea. Thanks to COVID-19, work had scheduled a virtual company picnic for today, so I pulled out my phone, logged into Zoom, and brought them along with me.

I’ve been working from home since late November or early December. For most of our clients, this was their first week of trying it. The following bingo card would have been fun in our conference calls.

Conference call bingo card

You can make your own conference call bingo cards or remix it on Glitch.

Stay well!

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    It got over 60!
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6 responses to “Self-isolation, day 5”

  1. Shirley Ann Goerlitz Avatar
    Shirley Ann Goerlitz

    Big Smile… Big Hug!

  2. shelby Avatar

    That bingo card probably works for Teams/Skype calls too.. heh heh..

    We’ve been in a family shelter-in-place lockdown since last friday which I think is the same schedule as you. Will be looking to hear your criteria for lifting your self-iso.

    I got a lot of comfort out watching my favorite conversational bully Nick Taleb explain that panicking early is good.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2Kga5HeAqk

  3. Brent Logan Avatar

    Thanks! I never turn down a hug. :-)

  4. Brent Logan Avatar

    Yeah, I’m sure it works for any video conferencing. One of my coworkers found another teleconference bingo card that doesn’t require printing. Unfortunately, it’s text strings aren’t as fun and you can’t remix it. You can find it here.

    I don’t know when we’ll lift the self-iso. I haven’t really thought that far. With so many in the household working in hospitals, self-iso’s only going to do so much for us. But it could help prevent us from sharing it with others. Already being a WFH sort, all I’m really missing is my morning Starbucks buddies.

    Nassim’s an interesting guy. I think he knows his stuff when it comes to probabilities. (He literally wrote the book on it…) I had to quit following him on Twitter, though. He attracts detractors and he’s, shall we say, “brusk.” As long as I don’t read the comments, he’s quite good on Youtube. “This is why paranoia helps…” ;-) Thanks for the link!

    Stay well!

  5. shelby Avatar

    Re: Nassim — “brusk” ha ha ha! You are so kind. Ja, hasn’t really organized his life around pleasing other people and making friends, at least that I can tell. The comments were hilarious tho — you gotta read those .

    Re: bingo game — it doesn’t seem customizable, hmm.. And where’s the leaderboard w/ my friends on it? And How can I yell BINGO? Do I have to do it on the conf call so the other 100 pplz can hear? backchannel? This is crying out to be a Slack/Teams app..

  6. Brent Logan Avatar

    “Geez man!” :-D At least he didn’t deign to enter the comments to abuse anyone.

    I’m sure there are a lot of improvements to be made on bingo. I’m a little old school on this, though. I’d love to print it out, have a stamp to mark the squares, and absolutely yell BINGO when I win and hold it up to the video camera to brag. The first one I shared is on glitch so it’s remixable to add more phrases and functionality. But going Slack app on it is a whole ‘nother level.