MailPoet admin in WordPress

I’m now using MailPoet

You might notice this email looks a little different. That’s because I’m now using MailPoet to email my subscribers. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with MailChimp, which I was using.1and have (temporarily?) deactivated MailPoet is just so easy to use in WordPress.

As before, you have the ability to easily unsubscribe with a click (though I hope you don’t). And there continues to be a subscription form for new subscribers.

If you have any issues, please let me know. I have contact information on my site.

Thanks for being a subscriber.

Stay well!

Update: MailPoet seems to be working well. In addition to sending out new post notifications, I’m also able to use it to send out transactional emails. It’s a great simplification for me.

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    and have (temporarily?) deactivated
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