Fetching the Christmas Tree — 2019

The whole gang

On Black Friday, we went and cut our Christmas trees. The sky was clear blue and it was a lot warmer than the cold night would have suggested. Certainly a lot warmer and dryer than last year.

As Ashley and Kevin joined us, we got two trees.1And rode in two cars. This was also the first time we’ve been joined by our granddogs, Mousse and Gilligan.

We went to the same place we’d been for the last few years.2The place we used to go before is closed this year, waiting for their trees to get a little bigger. Apparently, this place will be closed next year. As long as you wanted an 8-foot noble, the selection was great. In fact, I found a tree next to the car where we parked that would have been absolutely wonderful. But as everyone knows, the quality of the tree and the enjoyment of the hunt varies directly with distance walked in the search. So we literally walked all the way to the far side of the tree field and picked one on the perimeter. I think maybe it’s a hair over nine feet tall. And worth the hike. ;-)

Of course, we took the traditional family shots and the tree cutting shot. I tied the tree on top of the car, then Jamison and I got our traditional hot chocolates.

Photo credits. All photos except the one of Heather and Gilligan by Jamison.

By Brent Logan

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