I got a new-to-me bike

Electra Townie 7D
Townie 7D Step Over 26 Matte Black

I got yet another bike. :-)

It’s not as bad as it sounds. This summer, we cleaned the house.1Okay, just the garage. But that’s quite an accomplishment. I got rid of a road bike that I haven’t used in decades. I no longer want to wear spandex and have distracted drivers speed by me too close on two-lane country roads. I also got rid of Sage, a bike I commuted to work twelve months of the year2And lunch rides, and weekend rides, and ? and probably rode more than 6,000 miles. The number of components Sage needed to be serviced and/or replaced to get back to proper running order exceeded her value. So I donated her to a local bike center that repairs and sells donated bikes. I hope she finds a nice, new home. She deserves it.

I had only my mountain bike converted to a commuter bike with fenders, rack, and non-knobby tires. It’s still a great bike, just not as comfortable as I’d like. I’ll be keeping it.3This last weekend, Suzi, Jamison, and I rode a new section of bike path in the Gorge between Wyeth State Park and Starvation Creek Park. As that’s my new normal for biking, I figured I needed a bike to match. And I still need to post pictures from the ride/day. Posted!

Searching Craigslist, I found an Electra Townie in great shape and not too far away. I put one of our new roof bike racks on the CRV then Suzi and I headed out to take a look.

I got a great deal.4Less than a third of its price new for as-new condition. Seems good to me. YMMV. The sellers have a little more space in their garage. And Darth5Still trying the name on for size, but it seems appropriate. I’m open to other suggestions. ;-) has a new home.6And a new bell. Well, it’s new to him. Used to be on Sage. Perfect! Tonight he’ll get Sage’s mirror and I’ll be ordering a rack. Ah… :-) Success!

I’m looking forward to riding Darth this weekend.

By Brent Logan

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  1. I loved my Townie, but mine was red… you’ve seen it. I put panniers on a rack to haul my stuff. Since working from home, I stopped riding it, so gave it to my son in Bend. He sold it because he didn’t like the feet forward position for the hill climbs he has. Great bikes!

  2. Jeff, on the way home last night I told my wife, “I need to contact Jeff and tell him about my bike. He has a red Townie.” I should have realized that posting this on my blog is contacting you. :-D

    I’m sorry to hear you no longer have your Townie. Riding through the neighborhoods to a coffee shop or farmers’ market is perfect for a Townie. Oh well, you can always buy another if you feel the need.

    And I agree with you: great bikes!

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