Corbett View Point

A day in the gorge


Coming to the weekend, Jamison said he wanted to try biking a new section of the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail. It sounded like a lot of fun, so we loaded up our bikes and headed to Wyeth. Turns out, it was opening day for this new section of trail.

We discovered a couple of waterfalls we didn’t know existed. We stopped and waded at the base of Hole-in-the-Wall Falls, then continued on to Starvation Creek, where we turned around.

Mitchell Point

When we got back to Wyeth, it didn’t feel like the day was over, so we continued east. There was a sign marked Mitchell Point, so we exited 84 to explore. Not much to see other than a great view of the gorge. :-)

Hood River

After Mitchell Point, we continued to Hood River where we watch the kite sailors while the sun went down behind the hills.

Corbett View Point

On the way home, we stopped at the Corbett View Point. I’ve stopped here before, just as the sun was setting. This time, we were a little later in the day, but it was still beautiful.

Another great day!

Photo credit. Thanks to Jamison Logan for the photos of Suzi and me and of the kites!