Naming a 1:1 meeting

Suppose you’re Mike setting up a 1:1 meeting with Julie. What should you name the calendar meeting request?

  • Julie / Mike
  • Mike / Julie
  • Julie

If you’re like me, you probably choose the first option. You’re meeting with Julie, so her name goes first. It would feel egotistical to put your own name first, right? Besides, this is what Google’s newish scheduling feature does. (Video)

But what’s most useful for Julie? When she looks at her calendar, she’ll want to know who she’s meeting with, not her own name. She already knows that. So put your own name first. Then, even on a small phone screen, she’ll see it.

Yeah, it will be a little harder for you. But you’re the one setting up the meeting. Be kind.

Btw, if you include only her name (the third option), she’ll have to open the appointment on her calendar to see who sent it.1Don’t laugh. I have meetings like that on my calendar. This post apparently is my passive-aggressive response? ;-)

By Brent Logan

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