Final Game of Thrones show prediction

My prediction: Bran Stark wakes up, for real this time, and realizes the last eight seasons were just a coma dream. No red wedding, no white walkers. He even dreamt the wrong reason for his fall — he was just clumsy. Everyone loves everyone else and the final episode is a happy family reunion.1Okay, probably not. But that’s my prediction based on ? nothing. I haven’t watched a single minute of the TV show. I read the first four books of the series and even started the fifth after reading this review. But then, I quit. Convince me to watch the series. ;-)

No spoiler warning on this one. If I’m right,2There’s not a chance I’m right, but wouldn’t it be fun if the episode went the bloody way it’s going to and then my prediction played on the side during the final credits? :-D we all deserve it.

By Brent Logan

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  1. I vote for you to take over the franchise now that db and david have moved on to other things. maybe you could write the spinoff..

    Did you see season 8 at all? Did you find out how weirdly close you really were?

  2. Haha! Thanks for your nomination. Not sure I want it. :-D

    The only bits I’ve seen of GoT have been on Youtube. And I read the spoiler reactions to the final two episodes (one of which I linked to and makes me wish George R. R. Martin had done all the writing. Did I really say that?! It was his writing which made me not complete the series of books.)

    I was only close to the final ending in that the plot returned back to Bran. That’s not entirely shocking. He was one of the first characters in the first book. It would make sense to wrap back around to him at the end.

    Thanks for the comment!

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