Northwest weekend

Suzi and me riding from Seattle to Bainbridge Island

This past weekend, Suzi treated me to a weekend in the Sound. We stayed in Tacoma, at the same place we’d stayed a few years ago.

We got much-needed rest and explored Point Ruston and Point Defiance Park. A ferry ride to Vashon Island sounded like a good idea.1Did you know that people just sit in their cars on ferry rides? That’s like not looking out the windows when riding an airplane. Some people? ;-) We visited the lighthouse at Point Robinson Park and ate in Vashon.2After deciding not to wait 3 hours (!) for a table at May Kitchen. Seems a reservation there is a good idea. On the ferry ride back, we were one of eight vehicles. There’s not a lot of people headed from Vashon Island to Tacoma late Saturday night.

The next day, we decided to head to Seattle. Somehow we ended up in West Seattle, along Seacrest Park. I’m sure the view of downtown would have been spectacular if the tops of the buildings weren’t dipping into the clouds. Since we were already pretty much there, we stopped by the Alki Point Lighthouse, then headed back downtown where we caught a larger ferry to Bainbridge Island. We walked downtown, exploring a cool little bookstore, some fun little shops, and the local art museum. After eating, it was time for the drive home.

Thank you, Suzi, for a fun birthday weekend!

By Brent Logan

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  1. I grew up on Bainbridge Island. The Puget Sound has a beauty that most do not know about, and many that live there take for granted. As for the ferry riders… Many people who take that ride every day for work enjoy the few minutes of isolation as the view has become all too familiar.

  2. Nice! What a great place to grow up. We’re now looking for an excuse to spend a weekend (or longer) on one of the islands.

    I’ll have to take your word for it on enjoying the isolation by sitting in a car in the bowels of a ship when you could be standing on the bow or the top deck or looking out the side windows or watching the wake or… ;-)

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting. :-)

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