A decorated tree

A decorated tree

After getting the tree home yesterday, we washed it, shook it, and left it outside to dry. Then we put it in a stand in a different corner of the room than usual. Lights, ribbons, candy canes, and an angel later, we paused to take it all in.

Mmm… It’s a little taller than we’d expected. Not a bad thing.

It might be time to get some presents.

By Brent Logan

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  1. the tree washing is a really good idea. we never thought of that.. ha!

    i’m guessing the fireplace is not active while the tree is there?


  2. Washing the tree became the obvious next step when, driving home, I saw mud running down the windshield. I don’t know where it came from. The tree looked clean when we put it on the car.

    And you’re right — we don’t use the fireplace when there’s a tree in the room. No reason to tempt fate.


  3. over the years we’ve had all kinds of visitors enter the house, probably from the tree. somehow it never occurred to me to wash the thing — i usually just want to put it up quickly and let kim take over from there..

    this year, however, we went over to the dark side..

  4. we never got preying mantis egg sacs, but there were some wasps and bugs.. and the worst was that since we have a fire in the room — and i like to make the fire hot! — the tree would dry out and become a fire hazard. there’s no way i’m taking the fire out of commission for a month.. sigh.

    so, yes, the sin that has no name..

  5. Okay, if you need a fire in the same room as the tree, then good job on getting a “fire retardant” tree. ;-)

    Staying alive is no sin, named or not.

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