Logan Family Reunion, 2018

Our family picture

Another couple of years, another Logan family reunion. Our reunion has changed over the years as one generation takes the place of the prior one and the age distribution changes.1This year, another generation took over planning the next reunion. I’m looking forward to the changes and returning to some of the things that made prior reunions fun and meaningful.

This reunion was not as well attended as some before. Some family members had other places they needed or wanted to be. We miss those who could not attend. And we were thankful that those near this year’s wildfires were able to join us.

The rain kept us indoors and together. Puzzles, games,2Including Pokemon Go! Not only was the wifi much improved, but the Meadow Lodge is a Pokestop. and meals kept us talking. Willy continued his tradition of reviewing the prior reunion’s predictions and collecting new ones.3I was one for two. I wonder how my two new predictions will fare.

On the final day, my immediate family packed up, took some pictures,4Of ourselves, and of the new deck. Looking forward to a year where it’s not so wet and we can spend some time outdoors on it. and left.

We’re already looking forward to our next reunion.

By Brent Logan

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