Roadside view

Roadside view

After a long weekend in Salt Lake City,1Thank you, Heather and Melissa, for the hospitality! I drove home today. Thanks to podcasts and audiobooks, it was an informative drive.

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    Thank you, Heather and Melissa, for the hospitality!

By Brent Logan

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  1. Great photo. We have travelled up and down I-15 a number of times so are familiar with the landscape.

  2. Thanks! I was trying to remember where I took that picture, then I remembered that the camera phone records this information. Apparently, I was just south of Juniper, ID, looking west. The highest peak somewhere in there is Black Pine Peak.

    I thought I was farther south, too, because it seemed so close to the start of the trip. I guess my fillup in Snowville, UT (just south of the border with Idaho) confused me, because this is clearly on I-84.

    It’s beautiful country! :-)

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