Gilly on the couch

Because we can’t have too many cute doggie pics on the internet, here’s another one.

I think she misses me. She looks like she misses me. Maybe it’s just me missing her. Love you, Gilly! ;-)

Thanks Missy for sending me the picture to brighten my day. I <3 U!

Update. Ashley sees my post and sends me another picture of Gilly on the same couch.1 I think she’s looking to see if I’m coming in the door. I’m sorry to disappoint her… ;-)

Thanks, Ashley. I <3 U 2!2

  1. Where else would she be? 
  2. I <3 all my kids. It’s not a competition. But you’re my favorite… ;-) 

Author: Brent Logan

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2 thoughts on “Gilly on the couch”

  1. You are absolutely correct, Brent. She is waiting for you to pop in. What a precious pup. Thanks for the cheer.

  2. Yeah, she’s such a special doggie. I’m looking forward to Mousse dropping by tomorrow for a weekend visit. With luck, I’ll have more “granddog” pictures to post. ;-)

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