Another Wednesday, another PR

Another Wednesday, so I headed off to longboard Mt. Tabor to get the PR that SpeedMeter glitched on last week. I was successful — 35.54 mph!1Sing along with me! :-)

I saw only two other longboarders on the hill and met only one of them. I’m looking forward to skating with (ok, getting dusted by) Hopkins again. At least I kept up with him hiking back up the hill. Once again, I continue to be impressed with the longboarding community here in Portland — it’s a very accepting and supportive crowd.

I skated twice from the non-Wednesday midpoint, once from near the top of soapbox hill, and then six times from the top, where I took a few pictures and used SpeedMeter a few times. I’m looking forward to rain to quench the wildfires and wash the air.

In addition to longboarders, Mt. Tabor is a haven for bicyclists who want to work on their hill climbing and descent skills. Their presence made up for the dearth of longboarders. Turns out, my downhill time isn’t much different from the bicyclist I was tracking.2His bright yellow shorts and jersey made him easy to pick out. More surprising, my quarter-mile hike up the hill takes about as long as the return trip for him. ‘Course, once he got to the top, he kept going on down. I wanted to cool down for at least one of his cycles before heading back down.

Never Summer Clutch with purple Kegels. This setup seems to work for me.

Credits: Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Data — OpenStreetMap contributors.

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    Sing along with me!
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    His bright yellow shorts and jersey made him easy to pick out.