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Longboarding Mt. Tabor with Jamison - Brent Logan

Longboarding Mt. Tabor with Jamison

Being Wednesday and all, Jamison and I decided to downhill Mt. Tabor. And, being Wednesday and all, we ran into other longboarders.

Robin and Sky showed us how it’s done, with tight tucks and fast runs. Sky was hoping to break 33 (or was it 34?).

I was happy to hit 30.49, a personal record.

Regardless, it was nice to have other longboarders precede us down the hill, alerting any pedestrians1And toddlers and chihuahuas? ;-) to our approach.


2 responses to “Longboarding Mt. Tabor with Jamison”

  1. Robin McGuirk Avatar
    Robin McGuirk

    Was awesome rollin with ya guys!

  2. Brent Logan Avatar

    Indeed! Looking forward to the next time. :-)